Silver Dolphins (For Leah at 12)

All I need is you today
And this morning’s sun.
Show me now your silver dolphins
Then let’s have some fun.

We’ll go find some skates forgotten
And turn them into new.
Then we’ll drink raspberry juice
And stay out past curfew.

Yes, I see the frozen dancer
Make of glass and gold:
But let’s buy cigarettes —
I know just where they’re sold.

My god you’re strong when you’re determined —
You dragged me half a block:
Just don’t drop that dancer:
You know that’s Aaron’s job.

All I need is you today
And this morning’s sun.
Show me now your silver dolphins
Then let’s have some fun.

3 thoughts on “Silver Dolphins (For Leah at 12)”

  1. A very well-done poem! The rhyming and repetition of the first stanza make it delightful.

    The third stanza seems out of place. It’s interesting that you didn’t rhyme it; it makes it stand out, and makes me curious who “that woman” is!


  2. @ GC: Wow! I can’t believe I overlooked your questions until just now. Sorry about that.

    Leah and I used to have a running joke when I was nannying her: If we saw an attractive woman, she’d ask, very innocent-like, “Should I go bite her so you’ll have an excuse to speak with her?” In return, I’d tell her, “Naw… She’s not the kind to appreciate folks like us.”

    Since the poem was originally a gift to Leah, I didn’t mind including several allusions to things we’d shared together — that joke being one of them, GC. In fact, every event in the poem is an allusion to something she and I did together during the years I nannied her.

    Another allusion you might be interested in is at the heart of the poem. Leah’s favorite animals were dolphins, and she was ecstatic the day she got a pair of real, genuine silver dolphin earrings.

    The poem can actually be sung, GC. I think it’s the closest I’ve come to writing a song.

    @ Enreal: Thank you so much! I love that you call it “fun”! That’s exactly what it was meant to be. 🙂


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