Angst, Poetry

Whispers To the River

When this weariness is broken on the dawn,
I’ll go to the river and cry,

And I won’t speak a word
But my tears will flow down
To join with the waters flowing by.

Tears are whispers to the river.
Whispers the river knows.
Whispers the world shall hear, my love,
Although you wouldn’t think so.

For the river whispers to the ocean,
The ocean whispers to the sky,
The sky whispers to the clouds:

And the clouds whisper to us, my love,
For the times when we must cry.

6 thoughts on “Whispers To the River”

  1. The clouds , the river , the oceans are flowing with the tears . Whispers of love are all around .
    World is the witness . So am I !

    Thank you for these words which connect to
    the essence of me .



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