Poetry, Sexuality

Sex is Sacred so She Said

“Sex is sacred”, so she said.
Well dammit maybe so.
She spoke instead of giving head,
So how am I to know?

“You’re not romantic”, she said on.
Well dammit maybe so.
Seems sex is great theology
But then it’s time to go.

“You’re too horny”, more she said.
And dammit maybe so.
Could it be I’m underfed?
But how am I to know?

She wants to tell me all these things:
It’s her form of oral satisfaction.
I just want to tongue her clit
And make a little action.

Yet, dammit all I love her,
Though I’m feeling a bit used up:
Our sex life’s full of meaning now
But we’ve forgotten how to fuck!

8 thoughts on “Sex is Sacred so She Said”

  1. Haha. Well done. (Your own?)

    Some years ago a pretty girl contacted me about starting a relationship. So we took a walk and talked about it. But when I found out that her idea of a relationship was literally months passing before any sex was due to happen, I decided to pass myself.
    If there is no sex, how is it different from a regular friendship?


  2. Thank you, Eolake! I was inspired to write it some time ago about a friend of mine who’s a former Victoria’s Secrets model. You might think a Secrets model would be a bit more open to sex, but life is full of ironies.

    That’s a good point about a relationship without sex.


  3. Wow. I love this poem.
    Women miss out on what makes sex sacred so much and all to often fail to see a man’s pov. Thank you for writting it without beating around the bush!


  4. Thank you, Isabella! I’m flattered you like it. In composing the poem, I wanted to make the male voice as forceful as possible while at the same time admitting the woman had a legitimate point of view, too.


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