Abuse, Authenticity, Love

The Most Valuable Gift and the Abuse of It

The most valuable gift you can give to those who love you is the gift of yourself. That is, however, precisely what those who would abuse you will reject: yourself. Thus, there need be no self sacrifice in giving to those who love you. But in giving to those who would abuse you, there is immense self sacrifice.

People who have been abused become reluctant to give of themselves. They give almost anything instead of themselves. But that frustrates the people who love them. For those who love them want precisely what they are most reluctant to give.

When in love, it is most important to be true to yourself. If the other loves you too, then you will give that person what they value most. If the other does not love you, no amount of hiding or changing your true self to suit them is wise.

1 thought on “The Most Valuable Gift and the Abuse of It”

  1. This is not always the case:
    Sometimes if you have been abused weather pysical or mental you are the giver. You want so much to be loved by the abusive people in your life. You give so much to everyone. You just want to be on the recieving end of love no matter what. But usually you get let down and the hurt goes even deeper. Yes some then turn to the cold side of life. Others go on being the givers no matter what.


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