Your Moral Duty To Blog In the Nude

Monday will soon be upon us, and — as many of you know — with Monday comes the moral duty of every decent blogger to blog in the nude.

Why should all morally decent bloggers blog in the nude on Mondays? By adhering to the rapidly growing custom of blogging in the nude on Mondays, bloggers are doing their moral duty to point out in the most practical way possible that nudity is not sinful — contra the opinions of many pundits, preachers, and prudes.

Can you imagine Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, or Dick Cheney blogging in the nude on Monday? Of course not! Such morally confused people lack the insight and resolve to blog in the nude. The Falwell’s, Robertson’s, Dobson’s and Cheney’s of this world are so confused about morality they almost certainly think nudity is a threat to the very fabric of society. By blogging in the nude on Monday’s you point out the lie in their thinking.

But what happens if, like most of us, you work on Mondays in a crowded office where it might not be practical to blog in the nude? That’s actually not much of a problem. You can still show your solidarity with the Nude Blogging Movement by blogging in the nude either before or after office hours. You can also, in an absolute pinch, shrewdly compromise by removing only your shoes and socks when you blog on Mondays. After all, barefoot is the next best thing to full nudity.

As more and more millions of people join the growing Nude Blogging Movement, we shall at last overcome the silly Victorian aversion to nudity; the aversion that equates nudity with sin; the aversion that morally confuses so many people. And when that happens, society will at last be free to focus it’s energies on something — on anything — more important than whether the now infamous two second sight of Janet Jackson’s nipple at a Superbowl doomed the nation and the Western World to moral decline. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could see a nipple without thinking they’re going to hell for having seen it?

This Monday, strike a blow for good moral sense and psychological freedom! Join the Nude Blogging Movement!


The Growing Nude Blogging Movement: Q & A

It’s Monday! Time To Blog In the Nude!

3 thoughts on “Your Moral Duty To Blog In the Nude”

  1. In principle, I’m with you….

    …one problem though. It means I’ll have to look at myself naked. No longer all that pleasant, I’m afraid.


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