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It’s Monday! Time To Blog In the Nude!

If you’re like our friend (left), you’re absolutely ecstatic that today is Nude Blogging Day.

As you can see, she’s expressing her appreciation of Nude Blogging Day by taking a moment out of her busy schedule to celebrate the pleasures of simple nudity while she clenches her laptop equipped with wireless internet between her knees (hidden by the foxtails).

Like you, me, and potentially millions of other bloggers, she’s motivated by an adamant desire to change society for the morally better. So she’s joined the Nude Blogging Movement.

Sadly, not everyone agrees that nude blogging is moral. There are people — even influential people — who think the good lady to the left of us is spinning society into dark moral decline simply by blogging naked amongst the foxtails.

Those folks are morally confused. For reasons perhaps known only to themselves and their psychiatrists, they firmly believe great evil comes of simple nudity. Most of them were shocked to the bone when Janet Jackson’s naked nipple appeared for two seconds on international television during the superbowl.

At the time, the FCC was deluged with angry letters and emails from folks outraged that even a single nipple was seen by themselves and their children — as if their children would inevitably grow up to be perverts and sex criminals now. Politicians demanded an investigation. The FCC responded by fining the broadcaster, then toughening its standards. Jackson’s “nipple of doom” launched a national crisis.

Is that what so many people think morality is all about? Naked nipples? Apparently so. At some point, all morally sane people should be asking themselves, “Do we really want a society that’s crazy enough to take a nosedive into sheer hysteria over nudity?”

Of course, nothing is going to change society unless those of us who are morally sane enough to recognize the inanity of going into hysterics over nudity do something to change things. That’s why, as a decent person, you have a moral obligation to blog in the nude on Mondays.

You say, you already blog in the nude? Great! Your morals are impeccable. But, to change society, you should do more than merely blog in the nude. You must let the world know you blog in the nude.

Only by letting others know we blog in the nude can we make society face up to the reality that nudity is neither sinful nor morally corrupting. And that’s why it’s important to publicly join the growing Nude Blogging Movement, like our friend above has done.

The growing Nude Blogging Movement needs you to light the way to moral sanity by publicly declaring that on Mondays (at the least) you blog in the nude.

Doubtless, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Dick Cheney, and other would be “moral leaders” will never join you in declaring that they too blog in the nude on Mondays.

That should not alarm you.

After all, you are far more moral than those gentlemen, and everyone who knows both you and them knows that about you. So, go ahead! Declare that you blog in the nude on Mondays! You have nothing to loose but your clothes!


Your Moral Duty To Blog In the Nude

The Growing Nude Blogging Movement: Q & A

Photo of nude blogger courtesy of DOMAI.

8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! Time To Blog In the Nude!”

  1. Hi Makita!

    I can’t figure that one out either. I read somewhere of a survey that found societies with a low tolerance of intimacy had a high tolerance of violence. But that was so long ago, I might have the details of the survey wrong. At any rate, it’s a mystery to me, too, how anyone can imagine that nudity is worse than violence.

    By the way, I like your blog!


  2. Hi Paul,

    Nice post! Glad I wasn’t looking at work though…

    I would like to point out that the view of nudity as immoral isn’t a worldwide thing. In Britain, the news of America’s reaction to Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate was a combination of bemusement and raised eyebrows. It’s much less of an issue here. It’s even less of an issue in large swathes of Europe, where those pesky immoral nipples can confront you on the side of a busstop.

    I failed to blog nude on Monday. It was cold 🙂


  3. Lucky for me I work at home so I get to blog in the nude any day I want to. I don’t get the morality thing either. It’s ok for everyone to have guns but not ok to have genitals? I don’t get it.


  4. I enjoy blogging in the nude. But I don’t understand why people have to restrict other people to wearing clothes. It’s just very weird.

    I just made a new blog on blogger, though. Cool, hmm?



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