From Around the Net

From Around the Net

Carol Hummel is an artist doing wonderfully creative things with common yarn, such as knitting sweaters for trees. Check out a brief slide show of her tree sweaters and other works here.

Decrepit Old Fool casts a hard eye on the use of the phrase “flip-flopper” to smear various presidential candidates who’ve had the courage to change their positions on the issues, and he proposes a question that each candidate should be asked in the public debates. The question is especially telling given that George W. Bush himself would flunk it.

In a well written, lengthy article, Hume’s Ghost over at The Daily Doubter lays out a very solid case for keeping the estate tax and unmasks the scam reasons Republicans want to abolish it. The article is here.

Candy, from Inside Candy, has posted a short, edgy poem in memory of the poet Charles Bukowski here. I think she did rather well at capturing Bukowski’s spirit without quite copying his style.

Over at Field Notes from an Evolutionary Psychologist there are some exciting paintings by the professional artist Cari, along with an excellent, informal interview of Cari. Check out the art and interview here.

Intercultural marriages are on the rise with Globalization. Pr3rna raises some poignant concerns about the social response to children of intercultural marriages here.

How a religion explains the existence of good and evil sometimes reveals more about the religion than nearly anything else. Kay, at Embracing the Mystery, talks about the qualified dualism of the ancient Gnostics here.

Three religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism — came together to create the remarkable Cave Temples at Ellora. Nita, who as you might know is a professional journalist, has posted a photo essay of the temples here.

Brian, over at The Church of the Churchless, lays out some sharp reasons why it’s right and proper to question a candidate on his or her religious views here.

Bill Hulet, at Diary of a Daoist Recluse, has posted what I think is one of the most valuable articles of the week here. The article is on the significance of certain kinds of mystical or spiritual experiences — experiences which have the potential to mislead us if we are not savvy to their real significance.

Thomas Laupstad has posted five utterly astounding photos of arctic sunsets on his blog, Photos from Northern Norway. Please don’t miss them!

At Red Ravine, QuoinMonkey has posted an appreciative piece on the poet Galway Kinnell here. As you might know, QuoinMonkey’s insights on writing and poetry consistently rise well above what would pass for a merely acceptable review.

The Question had not been Raised” is the title of an original work of poetry posted this past week by Poetman at his blog, 1 Poet 4 Man. The poem is an exceptional interplay of word and pictures. At the risk of being self-serving, I’ll mention that Poetman honored Trinifar, Bob Church, and me this week with a post here.

Kevin over at A Thoughtful Mood urges us to set aside a few minutes each day to think of others. Not just think about their needs, but also about what kind of people they are. Simple as it might sound at first, I believe if we actually did that, it would revolutionize the world. Article here.

Mystic Wing shows how Kevin’s idea can be practiced here.

Will, from Think Buddha, tackles the issue of how Buddhism deals with materialism here, and finds that while most kinds of Buddhism are incompatible with materialism, that is not the case with his own flavor of “Buddhishness”.

Have you ever heard the notion that science is a faith, much like religion is a faith? Ken, at Open Parachute does an excellent job dismantling that notion here.

It’s long been known that whales evolved from semi-aquatic land mammals. But what did their common ancestor look like? Well, an new fossil discovery in Pakistan reveals all. Check it out here at Carl Zimmer’s blog, The Loom.

One aspect of love that seems to be seldom discussed is the fleeting, unexplored romance — the love that ends before its time. Why is that love so seldom discussed? I can imagine that many — perhaps most — of us have experienced a love that never came to fruition. Perhaps in an effort to get a discussion going, Raatkiranii, at Bazm-e-Tasavurat, asks some insightful and pointed questions about how people handle those all-too-brief loves here.

Nezha at The Scheherazade Project has posted two brief works of prose art here and here. Each is a charming, beautifully written, and creative portrait of a fictional character. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone do something like this on the net.

Over at Quotidian Vicissitudes, David writes with anger and passion of the consequences of being labeled a child genius here. This is worthy reading for anyone who has suffered from their reputation.

It’s that time of year again! Time for the Right Wing Nut Cases in America to raise a stink about an alleged “War on Christmas”. Chanson takes them to the woodshed for a good whipping here.

AOS has done most everyone who likes music a service by rounding up several lists of the top CDs and video’s for the year. He’s done the same with books, too, so scroll down his site to read what the critics think are the best creative works of 2007.

16 thoughts on “From Around the Net”

  1. Thank you – and never doubt yourself or your motives when shamelessly linking a post to my site…as long as it is often…thats the key point of this hypnotic suggestion…isn’t it interesting how often now you want to mention Poetman…that’s right…often mention Poetman…zzzzzz


  2. Thanks for the link. To be sure, there are some tensions between materialism and most flavours of Buddhism, but there are not necessarily any between materialism and being kind of Buddhish, which is where I’d put myself…
    All the best,


  3. Your welcome, Rambodoc! I was so happy to find those pictures. What extraordinary beauty!

    Sadly, hypnosis is of no use with me, Poetman. A man must have a brain to be hypnotized. All I have is a cranium filled with the neurochemicals of horniness.

    Thank you, Will! I will correct my reference. My apologies!

    You’re welcome, Candy!


  4. @Nita: It has occurred to me I should be thanking you for providing me with such great articles to link to!

    @Steve: Some day, I would like to do a separate article on your photography — you have so much great material.

    @Will: Thank you, Will!

    @ Pr3rna: I thought the issues you raised in that article were very important ones. Thank you!


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