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An “E for Excellence” to Nita and Doc

A while back, George, over at Decrepit Old Fool, very kindly slapped an “E for Excellence Award” on this blog. I was quite pleased — although a bit alarmed that George might have fallen out of his rocker and bumped his head. Such things have been known to happen to decrepit old people when they get to speed rocking. Fortunately, George has produced many exceptional and excellent posts since then, and not one of them foolish, so I am no longer nearly so alarmed as I was at first.

Yet, shortly after George apparently flew from his rocker, Ordinary Girl also very kindly awarded this blog with the “E for Excellence”. That greatly pleased me too — for I am certainly not above taking advantage of my friends when they experience an uncharacteristic lapse in decency and common sense.

Now, the Award comes with a string attached. I am to name 10 blogs I believe to be excellent. I have procrastinated doing so long enough, and it’s time that I at least got around to making a start on it. So, I am about to name two blogs that obviously deserve the Award.

The first is Nita’s Wide Angle View of India. I believe in Nita like some people believe in sunrises. Her honest, clear writing refreshes me.

She is meticulous in getting her facts straight, and she is equally meticulous in making her beautiful, straightforward prose clear and engaging. I doubt anyone on the net puts more real work into a post than Nita. Moreover, she strikes me as having enough brain power to light up a sizable town.

Mostly, Nita writes about India. Even if you are not in the least interested in India, you should still read Nita. Her posts will engage you with their honesty, their decency, their detail, and their insight. Her blog rises above time and place, and it is one of the few I’ve come across on the net that is a treasure which should be saved for future generations.

Another blog that obviously deserves the “E for Excellence Award” is RamboDoc’s A Twist of Word and Mind. “Authentic” is the word I most associate with this man.

Doc has a sharp, honest mind and is wonderfully straightforward in putting forth his views and opinions. His politics, of course, are appalling — mainly because they are not my own eminently sensible politics. Yet, the utter dismay any reasonable person must surely feel when reading Doc’s political views is completely eclipsed by the immense admiration you so easily have for him.

In the first place, few people these days are willing to stand up for their beliefs come hell or high water. In the second place, fewer people can do so gracefully. And last, even fewer people stay true to themselves. Doc routinely does all three things, and that is exceedingly admirable. He is one of those people that you could hold up as an example to your kids on how to be an authentic person.

Moreover, he is also the most cosmopolitan blogger I’ve met, and could give the world lessons in how to be witty. Indeed, he is a world class blogger, and though his choice of mistresses leaves much to be desired when compared to my own superb tastes, I confess to having more times than I can count longed to buy Doc a beer for no other reason than to simply celebrate one of the world’s most genuine, authentic people.

Those, then, are the first two blogs I wish to recommend to you for their excellence. Please check them out if you have not already done so. And, if you’re willing, also click on the link to George’s blog and wish him a speedy recovery from the bump he suffered that led him to give me the “E for Excellence Award”. You might also do yourself a favor by dropping by Ordinary Girl’s blog — when you do, be sure to check out her excellent weekend wrap up of posts from around the net. You’ll feel good you did. Thank you!

See also: The Sun Mountain Award for Nita and Doc

17 thoughts on “An “E for Excellence” to Nita and Doc”

  1. First of all let me say that no one deserves this award more than you. Your writing comes from the heart. I love reading your blog. I not only like the way you write, I like the way you tackle topics that are sensitive and you do it with an innocence thats heartwarming. Your honesty is clear too Paul, and so is your sensitiveness. If there was an award for humanitarian blogger I would give it to you! One doesn’t have to take up a social cause (infact many such people can be scary!), one just needs to be human and you have the qualities of a fine human being. Your ability to appreciate others and be sensitive to them is a great quality. So is your ability to be open and kind.
    And as for what you wrote about me, I am overwhelmed. My eyes threatened to become moist as I read your post. I had to quickly get up and pour myself some tea. I hope I continue to live up to your expectations.
    I agree with you about Rdoc, particularly these lines:

    In the first place, few people these days are willing to stand up for their beliefs come hell or high water. In the second place, fewer people can do so gracefully. And last, even fewer people stay true to themselves. Doc routinely does all three things, and that is exceedingly admirable.


  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog! Thanks too for the great links – I’m looking forward to procrastinating by reading all about India.
    Love the article about the nude art below – France isn’t as prudish as google yet!


  3. Oof, Paul!
    I kinda reckon that having got your rocks off with so much of female company the last few weeks where you oddly disappeared, I believe you are showing symptoms of some cerebral dysfunction yourself.
    Seriously now, this is about the most embarrassingly lavish praise anyone sober has ever showered on me (not counting the women who scream the name of Almighty God in certain circumstances with me).
    My politics: well, men never agree on politics, the way doctors never agree on the treatment and diagnosis. So I will let that pass.
    Thanks so much, Paul. I am sorry that I have not said it before, but your blog is better, though less logical, than mine.


  4. Less logical? Cerebral dysfunction? Because of the lovely company I keep? I can’t help but notice these criticisms are coming from you, a man whose own blog swarms with charming, beautiful, and intelligent ladies immensely attracted to you. Obviously, you seek to impose a double-standard here!


  5. Aww this was such a sweet read!!! more power to you, Paul. 🙂 Nita surely deserves the award and for all the reasons u correctly mentioned. 🙂

    I feel troubled trying to update my blogs but when I see her meticulous research behind every post, I chide myself for my foolishness of getting wired up for merely writing a few words of nonsense. 😀

    Thanks for such a heartfelt read!!


  6. I am 100% with Paul on his analysis of Nita’s writing.She gets her facts straight and takes her responsibility as a blogger seriously. There’s a quality of freshness in her take on the issue being discussed. I like browsing through her blogs on the weekends to catch up on what she’s written because she always has something interesting.Great job Nita!


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