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Why I Want A Porch For My Birthday

It snowed in Colorado Springs the other day. When I looked out the window that morning, I saw heavy, wet flakes falling on the apple blossoms.  But this morning, the weather is very different.

Today, it has hardly dawned at all.  The sky is heavy with rain and clouds, and for the first time in months, I hear thunder.

I wish only that I had a porch.  All this excitement is going on these days in the Springs, and yet I don’t have a place with a bit of roof over me from which to sit and watch it.

The only thing better than a porch, you know, is a friend and a porch.  And the only thing better than that is a friend, a porch, and something seasonal to drink.

My upstairs neighbor has woken and is now coaxing his beautiful dog out the back door.  She is reluctant because of the rain.  Of course, if I had a porch, I could sit on it petting his dog and pretending to commiserate with her about the exciting weather.

The best poems are written on porches.  Everyone knows that.  Even if you don’t actually write out a poem while sitting on your porch, the time you spend there is never wasted.  That’s because a porch is where you can make many of your best observations and reflections for a poem.

Sometimes, a person or thing is so beautiful some of its beauty will stick in your mind for years. Several years ago, I sat on a porch by a lake and spent nearly the whole of a day watching the windblown rain and lake water.  In the end, I felt some of that beauty had soaked into me, and that night I dreamed only of nature.

13 thoughts on “Why I Want A Porch For My Birthday”

  1. Just put a little patio table out, with an adjustable umbrella. You can sip your coffee, watch the world wake up and scribble a few lines and curves about it – all without spending a lot of jack.

    Or you could just find your inner porch. That would be even cheaper.


  2. I’m sending you my wishes for you to get your porch, actual or imaginary, Paul. I often linger under the house eaves in inclement weather to enjoy the smell and sound of rain, the burgeoning of indigo clouds overhead or the scattering patter of hail. G


  3. @ Lirone: I’d prefer a porch any day!

    @ Brendan: Well, I guess I could go that way in a pinch. But I still prefer a porch.

    @ Suburbanlife: That sounds beautiful, G!


  4. Well, I have a porch, and I wouldn’t trade for anything! The weather is lovely here right now, and I have a forest behind my house, so sitting on the porch is very, very nice. It was THE selling feature of my house for me. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, you’re more than welcome to share it and a bottle of wine with me.


  5. Makita, that sounds so wonderful! You almost make me want to take an immediate road trip. Few things are more pleasant than the combination of a friend, a bottle of wine, a conversation, and a porch.


  6. I miss having a porch now too. I want a breezy, open porch, but I’m even greedier. I want a screened in, shady, private porch too for when it’s hot and the insects are too hungry to stay outside for long. I can lounge reading a book while my cat watches the birds in rapt attention.


  7. I LOVE the front porch. It is the best! checking out the neighborhood and watching, sitting in the fresh air with a good friend on a sunny day…

    I love going to my Gramma Ev’s cuz thats what we do all day. sit on the front porch.



  8. I always thought about how much I’d love to have a porch with an old soft seat to sit and read upon while it rains and thunders. From where you can smell the freshness of the earth as it bathes.

    You’re right, Paul, the beauty of the world just seeps into you when you can watch it so unabashed from a porch.

    Lovely post.


  9. @ Ordinary Girl: Two porches sounds perfect!

    @ Meleah: Porches are such beautiful places to visit with someone!

    @ Raatkiranii: Your comment could be a prose poem! 🙂


  10. This is a beautiful post.
    Makes me want to be that friend sitting on that porch with you! 🙂

    Hope you get to spend your birthday on a porch.


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