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The Sun Mountain Award for Outstanding Blogging

I’ve been feeling a need to express my appreciation and gratitude to the many people whose blogs strike me as outstanding. The thought crossed my mind I could do that by lavishing expensive gifts and large sums of money on those dear folks.

Fortunately for my wallet, the thought not only crossed my mind, but quickly left it.

So, then I decided to create an award for outstanding blogging, complete with a spiffy little sidebar button. But what to call it?

Well, about 10 miles (16 Kilometers) from where I live is a mountain the Native Ute People called, Tavakiev, which translates as “Sun Mountain”.

Sun Mountain, which peaks at over 14,000 feet, was so named because it is the first mountain along the Front Range of the Rockies to catch the sun each morning. So, as an outstanding mountain, I decided it fitting to name after it an award for outstanding blogging.

Each award will be numbered in the order it was issued. Moreover, the specific reasons it was issued will be posted in an article on this blog. Recipients are authorized to display the spiffy Sun Mountain Award badge on their blogs — provided they display the one that’s been customized just for them.

Now, here comes the tricky part.

I recently awarded three “E for Excellence Awards”. One each to Nita, Rambodoc and Usha. For the very same reasons I brazenly slapped an “E for Excellence” on their blogs, I would now beg them to be the first three people to receive a Sun Mountain Award. And, of course, I would appreciate it if they would be so kind as to display the customized Sun Mountain Award badge on their blogs, although they don’t have to. So here are the badges for each of them, should they want one:

For Nita:

See this post for the reasons the award is issued to Nita.

For Rambodoc:

See this post for the reasons the award is issued to Rambodoc.

For Usha:

See this post for the reasons the award is issued to Usha.

Yes, I know it’s tacky of me to foist on them a badge instead of large sums of cash. But hey! Who has large sums of cash these days? We’re not Haliburton here.

I intend to issue a number of these awards in the future. I hope by doing so to show my appreciation and gratitude for the great jobs people are doing.

6 thoughts on “The Sun Mountain Award for Outstanding Blogging”

  1. Alternatively, return business class tickets to the said rock would have been entirely appropriate. And not so expensive, neither! Not for an American, anyways. Oops, I forgot, this is the 21st century! 😀
    Hey, Paul, thanks for being such an Angel! I have a problem which, after seeing you do it, is surely within my reach. The new WordPress has changed the tuning and fixing formats. I don’t yet know how to put the badge in the sidebar.
    I couldn’t even put the E tag for the same reason. Anyone?


  2. Thank you once again Paul. I must warn you that you are really spoiling me and I am beginning to believe that I may even be entitled to these awards! 😉
    It is my privilege to display it on my blog and I have. Thanks.


  3. Oh, I forgot to mention I have always admired this picture on the masthead of this blog and may have secretlly longed to have a bit of it and Voila!


  4. wow! I like the name – the Sun Mountain award. I will be proud to display the badge Paul and thank you very much. For the second time. 🙂


  5. @ Usha: I don’t reckon I’m spoiling you just to give you some of the recognition you deserve. I’m so glad you like the design of the award! Thanks for displaying it!

    @ Nita: No, thank you, Nita! You’ve earned my gratitude and appreciation many times over!


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