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A Sun Mountain Award for QuoinMonkey and ybonesy over at Red Ravine

QuoinMonkey and ybonesy are the writing team that’s created Red Ravine — which at the very least is a blog, a creative net community, and a spiritual journey.

The basic concept behind Red Ravine is simple enough: Create a blog where writers and aspiring writers gather to teach and learn the art of writing. QuoinMonkey and ybonesy have done that admirably well. Red Ravine is a superb resource for folks who want to realize their potential as writers, who want to help others realize their potential, or do both.

I think Red Ravine is a superb site for any writer to frequent, but bloggers will find it especially useful. We face some special challenges. Many of us want to post often — for instance, daily — and yet take a fresh approach with each post. Sometimes, “often” and “fresh” at odds with each other. Red Ravine teaches a method, based on Natalie Goldberg‘s Writing Down the Bones, that should help many bloggers reconcile the two.

Zen Buddhists have demonstrated again and again how any discipline can be turned into a spiritual path or journey, and QuoinMonkey and ybonesy are very aware writing has that potential. That adds a dimension to the site one is unlikely to find in too many other places.

It almost goes without saying that the finished writing on Red Ravine is excellent. Both ybonesy and QuoinMonkey are outstanding creative writers. Even if performing the exercises is not for you, you can benefit greatly from closely studying their pieces. For that and other reasons, I am taking the liberty of suddenly and without warning inflicting the Sun Mountain Award on them and Red Ravine.

Thank you for an outstanding blog, QuoinMonkey and ybonesy!

7 thoughts on “A Sun Mountain Award for QuoinMonkey and ybonesy over at Red Ravine”

  1. Thanks, Paul!

    I like the name of your award. It’s creative and hopeful. I think it’s cool, too, that you’ve developed this award. Given your mission of sifting through as many blogs as you do, seems you’re in a great position to run an award process. Right on.


  2. Paul, I am humbled and inspired reading your post on red Ravine. And it’s an honor to receive the Sun Mountain award.

    It seems especially meaningful because, as ybonesy mentions, you sift through a ton of blogs every week. And I bet you’ve seen almost everything the blogging world has to offer.

    I am happy to join the ranks of the other Sun Mountain blogging recipients. (And the Sun Mountain logo is pretty cool, too.) Thank you!


  3. ybonsey and QuoinMonkey: Your words are so warm and kind, I feel like I’ve just been given an award for giving an award! How did you do that?

    I hope you both take from the Award some of the pleasure I’ve taken from your blog!


  4. Another thoroughly well-deserved award… I owe special thanks to Red Ravine as this was the site that inspired me to start writing again, not to mention start blogging!


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