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A Sun Mountain Award for Les Jenkins over at Stupid Evil Bastard

Les Jenkins is exactly the sort of stupid evil bastard you fervently hope to introduce to your mother, spouse or children. He’s compassionate, witty, and charming. He’s not just intelligent — he’s intelligent about a lot of things. His interests range from religion to entertainment, from technology to politics, from pop culture to science. And he’s also modest.

As you might expect of someone with those qualifications, Les has an excellent blog. Stupid Evil Bastard has been around since December 2001, and has acquired an audience of over 1500 viewers/day. The layout is visually interesting and easy to get the hang of. Les is an admirable writer. His prose is clear, relaxed and engaging. His words come across as friendly without being presumptuous, and his opinions suggest he’s taken great care and thought with them.

Although Les is the site owner, he’s not the only author over at Stupid Evil Bastard. For instance, Webs and George, both of whom drop by here from time to time, make excellent contributions to the site.

For all those reasons and a few more, I am cold heartedly inflicting on Les and Stupid Evil Bastard the Sun Mountain Award for outstanding blogging.

Thank you for such a great blog, Les!

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