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Saturday’s Nude for May 31, 2008

Odalisque by Roge

Odalisque” by Russian photographer Egor Abramov.  I might have published this one before, but since it’s one of my favorites, I’m inclined to ignore that and publish it again.

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Nude for May 31, 2008”

  1. Amazing photograph of a less than perfectly proportioned body, that nevertheless has the same wonderfully organic quality of a beautiful pepper, fruit or flower. The somber, earth tone palette makes this look like a painting, indeed, the photographer had to have messed around with the image a lot. What I find amazing is how difficult this pose had to be for the model as it looks somewhat uncomfortable and poorly supported. it might be instructive to see the range of images that came from this photo shoot – to try and suss out why the photographer chose to publish this one image. What is finally presented publicly, does not tell the whole story. G


  2. @ G: “…the same wonderfully organic quality of a beautiful pepper, fruit or flower.” You just managed to articulate my own thoughts about this nude. Thank you! It would indeed be fascinating to suss out why Abramov chose this one image!

    @ GoesDownBitter: That is an extremely interesting take on it. Thanks!


  3. Hi Prax! Good to see you again! Thanks for dropping by the blog!

    I think the posture is beautiful, although I wouldn’t want to attempt holding it myself for much longer than it would take a photographer to get off a snap or two.


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