Prepare to Celebrate!

I’ve been tipped off that on Wednesday, June 25th — just two days from now — Blog Nosh Magazine is going to open it’s doors for the first time and swing into action.   And now I’m all excited.

In the first place, I am excited because Karen Rayne is one of the editors of the new magazine.  Google “Adolescent Sexuality” and you will find she’s the go-to person on the web for advice on that topic.  She is also a friend and occasional commentator on this blog.  And she is a very wise person.  So, I am thrilled and impressed that Blog Nosh Magazine has scooped her up and installed her as an editor.  Great first move on their part.

In the second place, the concept behind this new online magazine is awesome — and unique.  No one else seems to be doing it.  Here’s how Blog Nosh describes their concept:

Blog Nosh Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to promoting the best archived posts from your own personal blogs.

You know those really great posts you wrote before anyone was reading your blog?  The ones you try to pimp out in your sidebar’s “Dear God, Please Read These Before You Judge Me for Writing About My Allergies 4 Days in a Row!” section?  Yeah, those.

If it has fallen off of your front page (“archived”) and you love it, then we will be noshing on it!

Blog Nosh Magazine is different from those blogs who choose weekly or monthly round-ups of great posts in that we republish the full post, not just the headline or title.  We feel this greatly increases your chance of building your audience, as they have an opportunity to sample or “nosh on” your writing before clicking through.

OK.  I’ve decided I want to see them succeed.  I mean, who among us doesn’t have old posts that ought to be republished because they were timeless good posts?  Seriously!   If these guys want to do that, then more power to them!  I figure the blogosphere is full of excellent posts that — without some service like Blog Nosh Magazine — are unlikely to see any more hits.  This new online magazine is a good idea.

So, if you want to party, go here for instructions on how to submit your posts to Blog Nosh.

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