The Truth About Jerome Corsi’s “Obama Nation”

The following email was written by my friend, Eric.  I’ve known Eric for several years now, and during all that time I have never once known him to tell a lie.  He’s a university student,  majoring in physics, and he is one of the most intellectually honest people I know.  Politically, he’s been an independent, and he digs up the facts and thinks for himself.  To my knowledge, he is in no way affiliated with the Obama campaign.  Frankly, I’m proud to see a young person like Eric take such an interest in the future of his country. So I am reproducing his email here in high confidence that he’s done his homework in preparing it.  If you want to pass his email along to your friends, that is fine with Eric.  Moreover, I think you might be doing your friends a service.    — Paul, Café Philos blog

Dear Friends,

I researched and wrote this email myself; it is not a forward.
But I hope you’ll forward it to lots of people to combat the barrage of lies that are making the rounds these days.

Someone once said, “You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.”

And yet, Jerome Corsi’s book ‘The Obama Nation’ became the # 1 New York Times bestseller this month ( August 2008 ) (…cs/13book.html ).

This, despite the huge body of facts which show that the book is a pack of lies and distortions, that its “evidence” comes from right-wing blogs (many written by the author himself), and that the author is a hack and a kook, a 9/11 conspiracy nut and a bigot.

The chief editor of the book publisher is a former GOP operative (…cs/13book.html ). The author said of his book, “The goal is to defeat Obama.” The NYT reports that “the book is being pushed along by a large volume of bulk sales, intense voter interest in Mr. Obama and a broad marketing campaign that has already included 100 author interviews with talk radio hosts across the country, like Sean Hannity and G. Gordon Liddy.”

This marketing campaign includes several appearances on Fox News on the dates of July 31, August 3, 12, and 14. ( Media Matters – Fox News and Jerome Corsi, living in the past )

In the August 14 appearance, I caught Sean Hannity introducing Corsi by admitting, “We launched it [The Obama Nation] right here on this program.” (Watch the clip for yourself: Breaking News | Latest News | Current News – )

Corsi co-wrote the widely-discredited book ‘Unfit for Command’, and almost exactly four years ago his co-author John O’Neill made several appearances on Fox News, which helped to launch that book to a # 1 NYT best-seller and to defeat John Kerry in the 2004 election.

Here is just one example of the kinds of very blatant lies contained in Corsi’s book:

LIE: “Obama did not dedicate Dreams from My Father to his mother, or to his father, Barack Senior,
or to his Indonesian stepfather. Missing from the dedication are the grandparents who raised him
in Hawaii, especially during the years his mother abandoned him to return to Indonesia to be
with Lolo.” [p 49]

REALITY: OBAMA DID DEDICATE HIS BOOK TO HIS FAMILY … “It is to my family, though — my
mother, my grandparents, my siblings, stretched across oceans and continents — that I owe the deepest gratitude
and to whom I dedicated this book. Without their constant love and support, without their willingness to let me
sing their song and their toleration of the occasional wrong note, I could never have hoped to finish. If nothing
else, I hope that the love and respect I feel for them shines through on every page.” [Dreams From My Father, p

Here’s another example:

LIE: “Obama failed to discuss his father’s alcoholism and polygamy in his autobiography.” [p 24]

“Obama’s story of his father’s life is dense, presented in anything but a straightforward manner,
often glorified or embellished so as to mask much of the harsh and, for Obama, probably painful
truth.” [p 37]

REALITY: OBAMA WROTE EXTENSIVELY ABOUT HIS FATHER’S FLAWS IN “DREAMS”….Obama Wrote He Asked Himself If His Father Was “A Bitter Drunk.” “Now, as I sat in the glow of a
single light bulb, rocking slightly on a hard-backed chair, that image had suddenly vanished. Replaced by . . .
what? A bitter drunk? An abusive husband? A defeated, lonely bureaucrat? To think that all my life I had been
wrestling with nothing more than a ghost!” [p 220]

Both of these examples, and a long list of lies in Corsi’s book can be found in a document released by the Obama campaign called ‘Unfit for Publication’. You can read it as a free PDF here:…fit_cover.html

The facts also show that the author of ‘The Obama Nation’, Jerome Corsi, is a nutjob and a bigot.

Corsi has written extensively for nutty right-wing outlets such as WorldNetDaily. WorldNetDaily is truly nutty and truly right-wing. Its most recent highlighted articles include:

An article at documents that Corsi has made numerous bigoted remarks in blog posts ( Media Matters – MMFA investigates: Who is Jerome Corsi, co-author of Swift Boat Vets attack book? ).

Corsi has referred to gays as “sodomizers”, arabs as “RAGHEADS”, Chelsea Clinton repeatedly as “chubby Chelsea”, and Islam as a “Satanic religion”.

He said of former Pres. Clinton:
When is this guy going to admit he’s simply an anti-American communist? Won’t he and his leftist wife simply go away???? Enough already.

He said of Hillary Clinton:
HELL-ary loves the Arabs so much (kiss, kiss Mrs. Arab*RAT) — wonder how she would look in a Burkha?
Anybody ask why HELLary couldn’t keep BJ Bill satisfied? Not lesbo or anything, is she?
On August 13, Corsi said on CNN’s Larry King Live that he had apologized for his remarks. But on August 17, he appeared on a right-wing, white supremacist radio show called ‘The Political Cesspool’ ( Media Matters – Despite “all my apologies” for bigoted comments, Corsi reportedly scheduled to appear on “pro-White” radio show ). That radio show’s statement of principles ( The Political Cesspool – 2008 ) claims, among other things:

  • “We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.
  • Secession is a right of all people and individuals. It was successful in 1776 and this show honors those who tried to make it successful in 1865.”

The facts also show that Corsi is a “9/11 truther” who suggests that a government conspiracy was behind 9/11 ( Anti-Obama Author on 9/11 Conspiracy – The Caucus Blog – ).

Corsi also believes that, contrary to accepted science, oil is not a fossil fuel nor a limited resource. He wrote about these beliefs in a book which can be purchased at WorldNetDaily’s website ( – A WorldNetDaily Exclusive! ).

And yet, in spite of all the facts which show that Corsi’s book ‘The Obama Nation’ is well-timed, carefully marketed political propaganda; and all the facts which show Corsi to be a nutjob; the sad thing is that the constant drumbeat of lies and ridiculous insinuations can be effective. A June 2008 Pew Research survey found that 12% of registered voters continue to think Obama is a Muslim ( Pew Research Center: Still Think Obama is Muslim ).

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of seeing wave after wave of lies about Obama being spread through email and blogs. They distract us from constructive debates issues such as Iraq, health care, taxes, the environment, oil and energy. Surely any open-minded person anywhere on the political spectrum can see this.

I think it’s time to start fighting the lies. It’s time to spread the facts. I spent hours researching and writing this email….I hope you’ll help me fight the lies by passing this along to some friends.


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