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“Not Attracted to Nude Women”

Someone googled up this blog today by typing in the search phrase, “not attracted to nude women”.  So now I’m wondering how someone could not be attracted to nude women?

Isn’t that a bit like saying, “I am not attracted to vast sunrises”?  Or, “The Grand Canyon gives me claustrophobia”.  Or, “Hiking through a mountain storm makes me feel invincible”.  Or, “Standing in a wind on the High Plains leaves me feeling cloistered”.  Or, “Flowers appall me”.  Isn’t it a wee bit off to not be attracted to nude women?

So far as I can see, nude women (and men) can be among the most beautiful things in nature.  Of course, not every nude person is stunningly beautiful.  Yet, in my experience, people are generally more beautiful unclothed than clothed.  So, if you think people are at all aesthetically attractive, then I would suppose you’d find nude people even more attractive.

Of course, it’s possible the person who googled “not attracted to nude women” meant to say they were not sexually attracted to nude women. If so, then perhaps I can understand their attitude a little better.

When I was a young man (which my nephews think was during the American Civil War) I was usually more attracted to nude women than I was to clothed women — sexually speaking.  But when I was a young man, I had not yet hung out with many nude women (after all, there was a war going on).  So, I think my disproportionate sexual attraction to nude women back then had a lot to do with my assuming at the time that nudity meant sex.

Later on in life, after I had gained significantly more experience with casual feminine nudity, I no longer assumed nudity meant sex (translation: I was unable to get lucky even when hanging out with nude women).  Consequently, my sentiments changed.  Once I quit assuming nudity meant sex, nude women became no more sexually attractive to me than clothed women.  That’s to say, nude women are often sexually attractive to me, but never more sexually attractive than clothed women (translation: I can’t see a thing when nude and without my glasses).

So, I think if the person who googled “not attracted to nude women” was wondering why he or she wasn’t more sexually attracted to nude women than to clothed women, the answer might simply be that he or she is failing to assume nudity means sex.

Of course, whether we assume or not that nudity means sex is pretty much a cultural thing anyway.  Americans, for instance, tend to assume nudity means sex (translation: Americans think they will get lucky if they get nude).  So far as I know, Japanese typically do not make the same assumption.

At any rate, it’s quite understandable to me that someone — even an American — would be no more sexually attracted to a nude person than to a clothed person.  Yet, I’m not sure I can fully appreciate someone not being at all aesthetically attracted to a nude person.  To me, that’s a bit like not being aesthetically attracted to the dawn.  But I guess the world has all kinds of people in it, and I don’t mean to imply that anyone’s aesthetic preferences are inferior merely because they are incomprehensible to me.

9 thoughts on ““Not Attracted to Nude Women””

  1. Now that’s the longest exposition I’ve read on nude women without an obligatory picture or a dozen.

    Care to make amends? 😉

    *tongue in cheek*


  2. @ CheekyMonkey: Meowlin has given you a link to one of the best nude women sites on the net.

    @ Meowlin: Thanks for that!

    @ Kris: Maybe. I’m not sure how one would demonstrate that they were gay.

    @ Priyank: Sorry you didn’t like the post.

    @ Nara: I agree that some clothing usually makes a person sexier. That’s my experience, at least.


  3. maybe its not so much a lack of attraction as a lack of peaked intrest, as we all have become quite desencasized to nudity. seeing a nude woman is as common as seeing a tree, or a sidewalk. maybe the visual stimuli alone is not enough to rouse him. .. or maybe hes gay, maybe his mother beat him as a child, and he associates all things female with disgust, fear and hatred. who knows…. can we ask him???


  4. People should perhaps stop sexualizing nudity. Art,Nature and those who prefer to live as a Nudist are all unfairly negatively affected by the the bizarre notion that the nude human form must prelude sex.


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