9 thoughts on “An Image from Andrew Hefter”

  1. I was tipped off by a good friend of mine that I got posted here. Much thanks to Paul! In response to Kris, while I admit to utilizing Photoshop in other images, this is one of the few where there were no additional adjustments (aside from sharpness and about +5 or +10 contrast).

    The surreality was caused by wildfires that were going on across the Canon. So the smoke, fire, and 5am sunrise combined to make an eerie, alien-like orange glow. Digital is often unable to capture the fidelity of a scene like film and almost always needs some adjustment to get it to that level – but in this case, wasn’t all that necessary.

    Thanks to everyone for the compliments.


  2. @ Meleah: The artist is amazing, isn’t he?

    @ Kris: In principle, I myself don’t have anything against photoshopping images. I think it’s a matter of the results justifying the technique.

    @ Andrew: Thanks for dropping by! And thank you so much for sharing information about the photo! It’s an awesome capture.


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