Is this Acceptable?

Is it acceptable to think of a peanut butter and honey sandwich as “home cooking” if you’re a bachelor?

17 thoughts on “Is this Acceptable?”

  1. Yes. It’s also acceptable to add frozen mixed veggies to a bowl of Top Ramen and call it a “special recipe” if you’re a bachelor.


  2. @ Jacob: Even I can fathom a rule like that! Thanks!

    @ Jefferson Davis: I’d call that dining in style!

    @ Lirone: Mmmm… I can still remember the first time I toasted a peanut butter sandwich — delicious!


  3. Oy vey. Memories.

    My father, always serious, steadfastly insisted that pouring cold cereal into a bowl and then drowning it with milk was cooking. As was making toast.

    Your PB and H sandwich definitely qualifies under his definition.

    Yes, chef.


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