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John Stewart “Destroys” the Defenders of Sarah Palin

John Stewart Comedy Central

The above link should take you to one of the funniest videos I’ve yet to see.  John Stewart’s delivery and timing strike me as timeless comedy.  Here’s the blurb that is posted along with the video — and it seems to me the blurb is quite appropriate:

“I wasn’t alive to see Michelangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I wasn’t born yet when The Beatles toured. And I probably won’t ever get out to see that Japanese dude eat all them hotdogs. But goddamn, seeing Jon Stewart at his absolute best running circles around cable news douchebags is almost as good.”

4 thoughts on “John Stewart “Destroys” the Defenders of Sarah Palin”

  1. Thank God for Jon Stewart! You can’t argue with video clips showing someone completely contradicting himself.

    But beyond the Comedy Central audience, did these contradictions and Stewart’s brilliant piece get any attention by journalists in this country? I see McCain’s spokeswoman on the news every day but has anyone asked her why the same question directed at H. Clinton is not sexist but against Palin it is?


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