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Will John McCain, Sarah Palin and James Dobson Meet Today?

Today, only two days after the Republican National Convention, John McCain and Sarah Palin have come to Colorado Springs to hold a rally at the Municipal Airport — and possibly to meet with James Dobson, who is sometimes called the most powerful Dominionist leader in the country.

So far as I can find out, Dominionists like James Dobson are evangelicals who plan to usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ by first establishing a totalitarian Dominionist theocracy in the United States and then using the military and economic resources of the US to establish hegemony over the rest of the world.  They believe Christ will then appear, pat them on the back for a job well done, and cast all their enemies into hell.

In all likelihood, James Dobson is not only the most powerful Dominionist leader in the country, but also the most powerful evangelical leader in the country — surpassing even Pat Robertson.   Conventional wisdom says he delivered the evangelical vote to George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004, and that he can deliver the evangelical vote to John McCain this year.   So if conventional wisdom is on the mark for once, then to win in November, John and Sarah need James.  Hence, there seems to be some chance the three might meet today.

Just six months ago, James Dobson could not stand John McCain, and was even threatening not to vote in the presidential election if McCain was nominated.  Of course, James has played that card before.  It seems that most election cycles, he threatens to not support the Republican nominee unless he gets some treats.  For instance, in 2000, the treat was Bush’s promise to appoint only pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.

According to Tom Minnery, who heads up Dobson’s political action arm, Dobson came around this year for three reasons:

  • McCain’s strong responses at Rick Warren’s summit in California
  • The pro-life, pro-family platform adopted by the Republican Party
  • McCain’s agreement to pick Sarah Palin as his vice president

By most accounts, Dobson knew more about Palin than did McCain — he, or at least his organization, had been watching her since 2006.  When McCain announced that Palin would be his running mate, it electrified the Dominionists.  Not much could have made them happier.

It seems to me Palin was given the nod — not to attract women or Clinton voters, as some have said — but to attract the Dominionists and the evangelicals.  At first, I thought Palin was such a liability to the ticket that she would be asked to withdraw.  But it turns out she is an asset.  Not only have many people formed a favorable impression of her, but she has energized the Dominionist and evangelical bases.  So I now think she’s on the ticket to stay.

Will McCain, Palin, and Dobson meet today?  It’s possible — neither side has a meeting scheduled, but neither side is ruling one out, either.  My guess is some kind of meeting will take place, but I’m always guessing wrong anyway.

By the way, James Dobson does not wear his Dominionist beliefs on his sleeve and most people seem to be unaware of them.  For that matter, most people in this country have not even heard of the Dominionists, let alone heard the notion that James Dobson is their most powerful leader.

In recent months I have become increasingly aware that so much of what goes on in this country nowadays is unsavory and must be hidden from the American people by those who perpetrate it.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I, for one, am getting sick of these folks who believe neither in the Constitution, nor in the Republic, nor in freedom and liberty for the people, but who instead think they are wiser and know better than us what is good for us.  Am I right to be irritated with them, or should I just have another cup of coffee this morning and forget about it?


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25 thoughts on “Will John McCain, Sarah Palin and James Dobson Meet Today?”

  1. You may feel helpless in the face of this level of idiocy and delusion, but at least you’re a citizen of the country concerned. You can vote, for what that’s worth. But more importantly you can be politically active without people thinking you’re an interfering foreigner….

    I can’t describe the helplessness or the horror of knowing this election will affect the world I live in, but having no opportunity at all to influence it.

    So from several thousand miles away, allow me to implore you – do have that cup of coffee… but allow the caffeine to fuel you to do something other than forget about it!


  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Lirone! Although it is very little consolation, I promise you that I will be thinking of you on election day, when I cast my votes not only for president, but for other representatives and officials.

    I consider this the most crucial election of my lifetime.


  3. Paul: “I don’t know about anyone else, but I, for one, am getting sick of these folks who believe neither in the Constitution, nor in the Republic, nor in freedom and liberty for the people, but who instead think they are wiser and know better than us what is good for us. Am I right to be irritated with them…?”

    Frakkin’ A, Muc. And I’m right with you.

    – M. \”/


  4. It’s photoshopped & fake. Somebody thought that would be a good joke I guess. I’ve seen the original & she isn’t Sarah Palin.

    If you do find that Dobson or other evangelical leaders meet w. them do let me know. I’m trying to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of Jewish voters & this type of stuff scares the bejesus (!) out of ’em.


  5. Thanks for the heads up, Richard!

    I’ll be sure to let you know if I find out anything about a meeting.

    By the way, have you explored the connection between Dobson’s Focus on the Family and the harassment of Jews at the Air Force Academy yet?


  6. You are well within your rights to be irritated. Our nation was founded on a separation of church from state and a freedom of religion for all. McCain-Palin are simply pandering to win votes. Panding to evangelicals is no different than pandering to any special interest group. We should all be irritated. Democrat Dave


  7. Richard: “It’s photoshopped & fake. Somebody thought that would be a good joke I guess.”

    I’d have to agree with them. I’ve done basically the same joke, though not with the pinup potential of that one. And it’s more blatantly a photoshop job (though not Photoshop, if you catch the distinction).

    “I’ve seen the original & she isn’t Sarah Palin.”

    I’ve only seen Palin rather more conservatively clad, but even from that data, I can tell, that body is not hers.

    – M. \”/


  8. Dobson is NOT a dominionist. He is a traditional Christian. The Kingdom of God will come when God is ready – and not before.

    To paint Dobson as a dominionist when he clearly is not sort of points to your irrational fear of Christians. Are you Christophobic? There is a cure for that. Just read the Bible and see what it says.


  9. One more thing – our country was not founded of Separation of Church and state. It just says congress cannot establish an official religion.


  10. Hi Barbara! Welcome to the blog!

    It’s true there’s some controversy over whether Dobson is a dominionist or not. I suppose part of the reason for the controversy is that Dobson is somewhat secretive. Also, there are different stripes of dominionists. I tend to go with Chis Hedges opinion and consider him a dominionist. But you are, of course, entitled to your opinion that he is not a dominionist.

    As for having an irrational fear of Christians — are you seriously suggesting it is rational to assert that anyone who dislikes Dobson has an irrational fear of Christians? Or were you just making a joke? It’s difficult to tell over the net.

    Last, your notion that our country was not founded on a separation of church and state strikes me as in line with the revisionist history taught by dominionists. It’s my understanding they were the folks who created that myth. If you are interested in exploring why it’s a myth, you could do no better than to check out Ed Darrell’s wonderful blog, Milliard Fillmore’s Bathtub. There’s a link to in my blogroll.

    Thank you for such interesting comments!


  11. I don’t know that reading the bible is a cure for Cristophobia… more like a cause, in my experience!

    Though I must admit the sheer idiocy of prominent Christians in the media at present has probably done a lot to exacerbate the condition. And that’s no irrational fear.


  12. Hi Lirone! Several people — many people, actually — have told me the same thing: Reading the Bible turned them against Christianity. So, I must agree that it’s not a sure fire way for someone to fall in love with the religion.

    I also agree that prominent Christians like James Dobson and Pat Robertson do remarkably little to promote respect for Christianity among those who are not already inclined towards the religion.


  13. Thomas Jefferson once went through a copy of the Bible (King James, I think) and clipped out every passage that could be attributed directly to Jesus. Then he pasted them in a blank book. Now this is sold under the title of “The Jefferson Bible.” If Christianity is following the teachings of Jesus, then this is a good place to start, to see what he taught. It doesn’t look much like what Dobson preaches.


  14. Do you have a source for learning about Dominionists? I hadn’t heard that term before (is it because I’m the only person in the US who didn’t read the DaVinci Code?? Ignorant me…)

    Barbara, are you a Dobson follower? I think it’d be great to have a conversation. But I have to say, members of my immediate family are Dobson supporters (and Pat Robertson) and the description given above of Dominionists is exactly what they believe and are working toward very actively.


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