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Why is Sarah Palin Hiding from the Media?

I’m curious why Sarah Palin refuses to be questioned by the media.  Why do you suppose that is? Is she afraid of what they might ask her?  Is she just bad at thinking on her feet?  Is she some kind of control freak?  Why doesn’t she take questions?  Any ideas?

UPDATE:  Here’s what Glenn Greenwald has to say about how and when Sarah Palin will make her first press appearance:

“When they decide in a couple of weeks that Palin is ready to do so, she’ll go and sit down with Brit Hume or Larry King or Charlie Gibson or some other pleasant, accommodating person who plays a journalist on TV and have a nice, amiable, entertaining chat about topics that are easily anticipated. Having been preceded by all sorts of campaign drama about her first interview and the excitement that she’s not up to the task, her TV appearance will be widely touted, score big ratings, and will be nice entertainment for the network that presents it. It will achieve many things. Undermining propaganda isn’t one of them.”

“The ideological extremism and growing ethical questions that define Sarah Palin — and especially the discredited, rejected core beliefs of John McCain — means that the McCain campaign should have much to worry about in this election. Having Sarah Palin face the mighty, scary American press corps certainly isn’t one of them. That’s just a melodramatic distraction, one that will redound to the GOP’s benefit. Palin will “face” our media soon enough, and it will probably be the easiest thing she’ll have to do between now and November.”

Do you think Greenwald is right?

UPDATE II:  There are reports the McCain campaign has announced it’s selected Charlie Gibson to interview Sarah Palin next week in Alaska.

UPDATE:  Sarah Palin’s first interview revealed her to be unprepared on foreign policy, despite the fact Charlie Gibson tossed her softballs.  For instance:  She didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was.  Video here.

23 thoughts on “Why is Sarah Palin Hiding from the Media?”

  1. Very interesting, DOF! I was just reading earlier this morning about her problem with racial epithets. I hadn’t heard she was in training though. I guess they will role her out when she can BS with the best of them.


  2. Paul: “Is she afraid of what they might ask her?”

    I don’t think she is. I think the RNC is – not so much of what the press will ask her, but of how she’ll answer. There’s a difference between an attack dog and a mad dog.

    – M. \”/


  3. Of course since she is a novice on the national level, the RNC wants to prep her. Not a conservative, but I think she will do fine and will quickly come up to speed. However, she’s the one that proclaimed she was a pitbull, with a major in journalism, so her team is stalling. Also, bad mistake on her part to attack the media, because it has the power to lift you up and bring you down.

    I bet the Alaska Republicans are going to tear her to shreds with their investigation, considering she played her pitbull role against others very well.

    I’m giving her props for the delivery of her speech, but let’s see how she works off the cuff. There is much more to her story than the clevery crafted story they are trying to spin. At least if the Repub’s lose, they have elevated one woman to a national level. Think about it, the RNC convention trotted out all these old guys to make the case for McCain, and then had only one woman speak in primetime. Sorry getting off-topic. If anyone knows anything regarding org development for change, there are several “campaigns” that must be carried out: Marketing, Military, Political strategies. RNC big up!!!


  4. 1. No one in there right mine would ever be interviewed by the well know, media that is know to be far left leaning and liberal in their political thinking. Know to take things out of context and twist them to suit their own beliefs or to produce shock news, whether it is truth or not.

    2. I can’t seem to find that Qualification list that some must be looking at when they state she is not qualified to be Vice President!


  5. @ Pobept: In the first place, it’s a myth the traditional media in this country is liberal. That might have been true in the 1980s, but things change, and it’s no longer true today.

    But even if it were true, Pobept, if Sarah Palin cannot stand up to the media in this country how is she going to stand up to the Chinese or the Russians?

    In the second place, I assume you are making a joke about your not having any notion of what would qualify someone for the vice-presidency. At least, if you genuinely have no idea what you think qualifies someone for that position, then why are you supporting anyone — let alone Palin — for the position?


  6. Obviously she is NOT prepared to be VP if she isn’t prepared to talk to the press. I hear people say the media is “left-leaning” or “corporate-owned” as if we only had 1 newspaper and tv station. Fox News will go easy, so will Charles Gibson. Others will be harder. Wow, just like the big, bad world, where leaders and their countries have allies and enemies. You have to cope in a real world, not hide behind your handlers. Not if you want to claim to be able to prepared to lead.

    If Obama can face O’Reilly, then how can Palin hide from Katie Couric or Brian Williams and still promote herself as a viable candidate?


  7. Is anyone else offended by Palin’s manager who said she won’t talk to the press until they show “deference” to her?

    “Respect,” yes–but deference?


  8. In the words of Roger Waters… mostly…

    Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are.
    You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are.
    And when your hand is on your heart,
    You’re nearly a good laugh,
    Almost a joker,
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    Saying “Offshore drilling.”
    Pig stain on your fat chin.
    What do you hope to find.
    When you’re down in the pig mine.
    You’re nearly a laugh,
    You’re nearly a laugh
    But you’re really a cry.

    Thirty round mag, ha ha charade you are.
    You future old hag, ha ha charade you are.
    You radiate cold shafts of broken glass.
    You’re nearly a good laugh,
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    You like the feel of steel,
    You’re hot stuff with a hatpin,
    And good fun with a hand gun.
    You’re nearly a laugh,
    You’re nearly a laugh
    But you’re really a cry.

    Hey you, White House,
    Ha ha charade you are.
    You house proud ranch mouse,
    Ha ha charade you are
    You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street.
    You’re nearly a real treat,
    All tight lips and cold feet
    And do you feel abused?
    …..! …..! …..! …..!
    You gotta stem the evil tide,
    And keep it all on the inside.
    Mary you’re nearly a treat,
    Mary you’re nearly a treat
    But you’re really a cry.


  9. Jeez – she’s been a politician for the same amount of time I’ve been working in offices – about a decade – and I’m still an “administrative assistant” due to my lack of on-the-job skills relevant to more senior positions. Lol. It’s an absolute joke for anyone to suggest she has the necessary experience to run a country. What’s on her resume? “First-class bitch with ten years experience abandoning her large family in order to stomp on anyone who gets in the way of her religious agenda and her settling of personal vendettas seeks second-most powerful and influential job in the world in order to spread chaos, fear, terror and destruction throughout the ranks of the unGodly?” I can see why that would catch the GOP’s attention …if they’re all expecting to be swept up in the Rapture, that is.


  10. @ BH: Thank you for such interesting comments. I was not away of the rather arrogant remark by Palin’s manager. Welcome to the blog! 🙂

    @ Meowlin: That’s a great adaptation of a very powerful poem.

    @ Alceste: Are you seriously suggesting she might not be qualified to have her finger on the nuclear trigger some day?

    @ Anna: I think that might be part of it. Welcome to the blog! 🙂

    @ Questioner: I’m a bit confused by your remark. Obama refused to go on Fox News in protest against certain falsehoods they told about him, didn’t he? Is that really comparable to Palin’s boycott of all the media? By the way, welcome to the blog! 🙂


  11. Hey, thanks for the nice welcome.

    I like the tone of this blog–people seem to be able to question and differ w/o resorting to meanness or name-calling. Quite refreshing.

    First, what “Musim faith” quote? I don’t know the reference; please fill me in.

    Wasn’t Obama just on Fox? Anyway, don’t a lot of people refuse to go on Fox because of their distortions of the truth (such as when they spliced a tape of McCain last year to change his answer? When asked if he voted for Bush in ’04, he said “Of course not!” but Fox spliced it and aired it as him saying “Of course!”)

    EITHER WAY, isn’t there a difference between refusing to go on one particular station or show (I’d never expect Palin to go on NPR or talk to “The Nation,” for instance) and refusing to talk to ANY media? I do think there’s a huge difference between objecting to one station’s mode of operation and claiming that a candidate has no obligation to talk to ANY press or media.

    Of course, eventually, anyone running for such a high office will have to talk to the media. I think the campaign was just stalling. And I don’t find that so unreasonable–she needs time to be briefed on McCain’s platform and brought up to date on subjects she hasn’t dealt with before. Why not say that? Who in this country is a 24/7 expert on everything?

    But demanding “deference” is what really struck me as telling. Respect, absolutely. But I don’t want any citizen or journalist to show deference.

    Most of all, I just want to hear what Sarah Palin has to say (w/o a speech script in hand) about the issues that are going to affect my life. I want to hear her respond not just to the initial question with the practiced answer, but to follow ups and requests for specifics and clarifications. If she doesn’t know the answer to something at least she could say, “I would learn about that by consulting with X, Y, or Z” and then I would work on the basis of these principals.”

    If she wants to claim she said “Thanks, but no thanks” to the Bridge to Nowhere, I want to know why she changed her mind (she campaigned FOR the project originally) and why she still took the federal money earmarked for the project and spent it. I want to know why there was a $22m deficit in Wasilla after she left office. Our deficit is a serious problem & I want to be reassured that McCain and Palin can handle it.

    I’m an independent & have voted Republican on occasion, though I do lean toward Democrats (historically, the economy does better under Dems). I was cheering on McCain during the primary season. But now something seems to have really shifted in his campaign and I’m very leery of voting for an elderly man whose #2 is unknown and who seems (SEEMS, I don’t say she is) to be hiding. It just makes me nervous.


  12. pobept said, way back when, “No one in there right mine would ever be interviewed by the well know, media that is know to be far left leaning and liberal in their political thinking. Know to take things out of context and twist them to suit their own beliefs or to produce shock news, whether it is truth or not.”

    So Obama, Biden AND John McCain are all not in their right mind? They have and have had no problem speaking to the media. Before the primary election, Huckabee, Richardson, Edwards, Clinton had no problem talking to the media, taking interviews and being on all the talk shows (except Oprah apparently). If Romney or Pawlenty or Lieberman had been McCain’s VP pick, do you honestly believe the McCain campaign would have sequestered THEM away from the media?

    This is HIGHLY irregular and suggests more than anything else that the McCain campaign itself does not believe she is ready. I think she’s capable and no dummy, and will have a good political career in front of her, but she is not ready for the national stage and won’t be in sixty-some-odd days.

    I agree with people who say it’s not Palin who’s scared of the media, but the McCain campaign. I think Palin is quite confident she can handle the media just as she did during her gov. election run and since becoming gov. But there, she knew her crowd, and knew how to get them on her side. The rest of America is emphatically NOT like Alaska, no offense to Alaskans.

    The McCain campiagn can’t just hand her a worldview in talking points and expect it to stick, or for her to even really understand and agree with it. McCain made a “Maverick” pick alright, but that doesn’t mean he made the right one. Keeping her away from the media and controlling who she talks to will just continue to undermine his campaign.


  13. @ BH: There are so many questions about Sarah Palin — I wonder if we will have even half of them answered by election day. One of my greatest concerns is her leaving that town 22 million in debt!

    And thank you for your very kind words about the blog. I happen to believe the commentators on this blog are among the very best commentators I’ve seen on any blog. It makes me feel so lucky!

    @ Andrea: Thank you for such a well reasoned and insightful comment! If you are not the same Andrea who has posted before on this blog, then welcome to the blog!

    @ Meowlin: LOL!


  14. Media Biased Against Palin? Apparently not…

    Interesting piece out in Editor & Publisher:

    LexisNexis Study Finds No Media Bias Against Palin, GOP — So Far

    By E&P STaft

    Published: September 12, 2008 4:20 PM ET

    NEW YORK For the past two months, the database LexisNexis people have been analyzing the massive number of articles it handles for election campaign coverage. It turns out that media coverage of GOP vice-presidential Sarah Palin has actually been quite balanced, with 26% of some 6,000 articles and TV/radio reports last week deemed positive, 22% negative and 52% “neutral.”

    Not to mention the McCain ticket getting 60% more coverage than the Obama team last week.

    Rex Huppke, writing in the Chicago Tribune today, adds, “Since the media tracking began, the tone of coverage has been almost identical for each top-of-the-ticket candidate, LexisNexis has found, again flying in the face of widespread claims that the media favor Obama over McCain.”

    And: “While Palin and McCain spent last week atop the media charts, Obama running mate Sen. Joe Biden was tossed in the discount bin, receiving only 683 stories to Palin’s 6,027.”


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