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Let’s Play “Pretend Obama’s a Muslim”!

Let’s play “Pretend”.  What?  You think we’re too old to play a silly kid’s game? Well, come on!  Millions of Americans are playing it!

They’re pretending Barack Obama is a Muslim.  And they’re pretending that’s automatically a bad thing. And they’re pretending he’s lying when he says he’s a Christian.  And they’re pretending their little hearts out.

They’re even pretending Obama’s misstatement in the above video is proof their fantasy is really, really, really true.  They’re so cute!

What do you think?  Are they the same silly kids who play “Let’s pretend abstinence only sex education works”, and “Let’s pretend global warming isn’t happening”, and “Let’s pretend Fox News is fair and balanced”, and “Let’s pretend Iraq was behind 9/11”?

Some silly little kids never grow up.  Some silly little kids play “Let’s Pretend” all their lives.  Happy little silly kids!  They believe only what they want to to believe.  Mean old reality means next to nothing to those happy kids.  Mean old reality is for adults!

19 thoughts on “Let’s Play “Pretend Obama’s a Muslim”!”

  1. I can’t say what other people pretend, but doesn’t Barack himself pretend to be black? By assuming a “black” identity, doesn’t he pretend to be negro, meaning of black african ancestry? But isn’t his ancestory on the part he makes such claims in fact Arab? Whether he is muslim or not, he says. But if he is in fact Arab, why does he pretend to be something he is not? If it doesn’t make a difference, why is the charade so important to him?


  2. Barack Obama clearly meant his “so-called” Muslim faith, not his actual Muslim faith. And thank you for saying that a candidate for U.S. President being Muslim would not automatically be a bad thing.
    If you’re interested in learning more about Islam, please check out my blog,


  3. Hi Questioner! So far as I know, Obama’s father was a Black of Kenyan descent, rather than an Arab. I would be interested in your sources for believing his father was Arab.

    Hi Asad! That’s exactly the conclusion I came to after watching the video. Obama meant his “alleged” or “so-called” Muslim faith.

    Thank you for the link your blog!


  4. The Kenyan government categorized Obama’s father as an Arab. His name and the name he gave his son powerfully distinguish themselves as Arabs in Kenyan culture where most Kenyans do not have Arabic names. The Kenyan government record and name do not themselves make Obama Arab, but they are strong evidence. To actually prove he is Arab would take definitive research into many earlier generations. It is not my agenda to prove he is Arab, but since he has the same evidence himself, why does he choose to self-identify as black instead of white or Arab? He is certainly just as much white as black and more likely Arab than black, but he chooses to pretend to be black.


  5. That’s very interesting information, Questioner. Thank you for sharing that!

    Of course, I have no confirmed idea why Obama identifies himself as Black, but I suppose it might be because in our society people with his features are typically thought of by most people as Blacks.

    The whole situation reminds me of a friend of mine who was of European-African ancestry. Her friends, who knew the story, nicknamed her “Grey”, but most folks would have thought of her as Black from her appearance.


  6. I’ve heard genetically Obama is probably something like 30% Arab. Whether or not that’s true don’t know, but it’s what I’ve heard.

    It’s important to keep in mind that “race” is very much a socially constructed category. In South Africa for instance, Chinese are considered Black. The nuances of Arab vs. Kenyan is something that is definitely lost when in American culture. Many Americans are surprised enough to learn that not all Hispanics are “Mexican”. And of course “Asian-American” is a blanket term for people from any number of ethnic backgrounds.

    The point is, regardless of whether or not Obama has Arab blood, to an American he looks “Black”, and that was probably how he was socialized.

    As for the Muslim canard, it is exactly that—-a canard. From what I’ve read Obama’s father was not even a practicing Muslim, and in fact had no problem describing himself as an atheist.


  7. Christian, by definition is a conversion experience. No one is born into it…you have to be converted. Anything else is just practicing a religion out of duty, rules and dogma. Just my humble opinion and I hope I’m not blog whatevering by saying that. As to Paul’s original question of playing pretend…I think in his original post he described my ex husband perfectly. Always playing pretend. Now maybe we can ignore people down the street who play pretend, but when they live in your own home with you, it called psychotic and well, all I can say about how to treat those people is “Run! Run fast in the opposite direction!”
    Just my humble very unstudied, I’ll admit, opinion.


  8. Paul, I could never understand this conversion thing. Why can’t I believe in and worship who so ever I want without converting. I am a Hindu and if I want to go to a church and light a candle there, why do I have to be a christian? It is between God and me why do I need mediators who help me perform rituals. The different names given to God are based on Geography and the local language. Rituals in the same religion differ from one country to the other.


  9. @ Cat: What you say about Christian being a conversion experience makes a lot of sense to me, given what I believe is the Christian notion that one is saved by choosing to accept Jesus as their lord and savior. Thank you for clarifying that!

    I’m somewhat distressed to hear about your ex, though. It must have been very tough on you, Cat.

    @ Pr3rna: Well, I think I understand why Christians believe one must be converted. However, I must have some Hindu in me because I find myself in sympathy with your point of view, Pr3rna. It seems to me god would be accessible to anyone and everyone, without mediation. At least, that’s how I see it.


  10. I’m Eritrean. Eritrea is in the east of Africa. I consider myself brown but anyway, in America i’m just black. But at the same time, i’m an Arab. So i don’t know what is the problem if Obama was both, an Arab and an African!

    Never have seen black arabs? lol

    I think Arabs to many Americans look like bin Laden and they ride a camel or a horse!!!!!!

    I’m no fan of Obama, but at least, he is better than McCain. I think many Americans still descriminate against non-white people in different ways, but they don’t want to say it out loud becase it’s *illegal*.


  11. Cat: “Now maybe we can ignore people down the street who play pretend,”

    Unless you happen to live at 1528 Pennsylvania Avenue, DC…

    – M. \”0


  12. This is a nice straight and bang on post Paul. We are only comfortable in believing what we should. Kids are asked to play pretend to improve imagination, but we carry it on as our comfort thing rather. We are educated, literate, have 6th sense but we hardly use it. Well said!


  13. Joining the conversation a little late here but I just want to say that I am so tired of constantly getting emails about Obama being a Muslim! I get them from family – I get them from friends – (I’m a Dem living cautiously amongst a mass of Rep.) and it just makes me want to scream – WHO CARES? I DON’T! Whether he’s Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu is of little consequence to me. All I care about is whether or not he’ll be a good President!


  14. @ Eric: Thank you so much, my friend!

    @ Dinesh: Isn’t it strange that we would cling to fantasies even as adults — when clinging to fantasies can potentially be so dangerous to our well-being?

    @ Fitch: You and me both! In fact, I think it was very foresighted of the Framers of the Constitution to prohibit religious tests for office. That showed they recognized that ones religion is irrelevant to how well one can perform the duties of office.


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