Is This OK?

If you feel like chatting with someone, is it ok to wake your upstairs neighbor at three in the morning if you’re polite about it and don’t ask to borrow money?

8 thoughts on “Is This OK?”

  1. Depends if the person to be woken up is a lark or an owl? As a confirmed lark, I have to say that when woken at 3am I am generally utterly incapable of chatting – the only thing that can wake me is a crisis that provokes sufficient adrenalin!


  2. @ Dinesh: Excellent advice! Grizzlies in the kitchen make the best conversational topics!

    @ Lirone: Would a water balloon help, do you think?

    @ DOF: I reckon I won’t be coming by your place at 3 in the morning anytime soon! 😀

    @ Meleah: No? Not even if I don’t ask to borrow money from him?


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