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Maybe Sarah Palin Really isn’t all that Qualified?

If Sarah is so tough, why did the Republicans choose nice guy Charlie Gibson to interview her?

I bet that during the remaining 55 days of the campaign, Sarah Palin is not even once allowed to go up against a journalist who asks genuinely tough questions and follows up on her answers.  I mean, why would anyone in the Republican Party want an informed electorate?

My guess is, the Republicans cannot win on the issues this year — so they must win on pretty faces and smearing the Democrats.

UPDATE: Here’s the first part of Charlie Gibson’s interview with an unprepared and BSing Sarah Palin.

6 thoughts on “Maybe Sarah Palin Really isn’t all that Qualified?”

  1. Incidentally, I don’t choose to use the term ‘African-American’, which is hopelessly politically correct, and unnecessarily so. Are whites called different these days, incidentally?


  2. Interesting point!

    I think race is going to hurt Obama, Doc. There are segments of the Democratic base that simply won’t vote for a Black. To me, the only question left is whether they vote for McCain, a third party candidate, or abstain.

    As for what I think of Obama’s qualifications, I might decide to bore everyone of my readers to tears by putting up a post on that some day when I get around to it. I can’t imagine anyone really being all that interested in why I like Obama, though, so I haven’t thought too much yet about writing a post about it.

    By the way, I think I might use African-American to contrast with Asian-American or European-American, but in general I find it a cumbersome term.


  3. rambodoc: “Incidentally, I don’t choose to use the term ‘African-American’, which is hopelessly politically correct,”

    “Deeply melanistic,” perhaps?

    I hear you on that, five by five. The absurdity of it is demonstrated by the question of, what do you call melanistics among the characters of Battlestar Galactica? African-Colonials? Except, they’re not from Earth, so their origin couldn’t be from Africa.

    Another PC term I object to is “Native American.” I was born in North America – why would I be any less “Native American”? Their ancestors are immigrants too; they just got here a few millenia earlier, and they walked.

    I prefer the term used in Canada – “First Nations.”

    rambodoc again: “I don’t know anything about Obama that makes him the best candidate for President”

    I look at it this way – *nobody’s* the “best” candidate. Ideally, US government would be within a few degrees of center, but in practice, it swings on the proverbial pendulum. The current administration has it way over to the right. McCain will probably swing it even farther to the right, but even if he doesn’t, he’s not likely to bring it back toward the center far enough or quickly enough. In 2000, after eight years of Clinton, he might have been appropriate. But now, after eight years of Bush/Cheney, better somebody who will bring us back toward the center (even if he’d like to take us farther, he’s not the only factor) than somebody who will exacerbate the damage.

    And if McCain buys the farm while in office, Palin definitely would swing that pendulum a’starboard to a ludicrous degree.

    – M. \”/


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