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Will Obama Lower Your Taxes? Find Out Now!

According to a recent Gallup poll, over half of Americans expect their income taxes to increase if Obama is elected president.  Yet, it turns out that Obama’s Tax Cut Plan will lower taxes and save money for the overwhelming majority of Americans.

Now, thanks to the fine people at Alchemy Today, there’s an online calculator that allows you to quickly figure out for yourself how much money you stand to save if Obama is elected president.

Simply click here to find out how much money you will save under Obama’s Tax Cut Plan.  It will only take a minute and the results are confidential.

Alchemy Today, which created the calculator, has no relation to the Obama Campaign or any other organization.

For fun, I ran the program for a single person with no dependent children making $35,000, $50,000, and then $125,000 per year.  Here are the results:

•Filing Status:  I selected “one real cool single guy”.

•Number of dependent children:  Yikes!  None, I hope!

•Money saved on an income of:

$35,000 per year >  $481.06

$50,000 per year > $468.76

$125,000 per year> The calculator told me: “You will probably not get an Obama tax cut”.

I won’t say what my income is — but Obama’s Tax Cut Plan looks good for me.  Or, more precisely, it looks good for the erotic dancers I will be patronizing if Obama gives me that much money back.  Of course, I consider patronizing erotic dancers to be a personal duty — it stimulates the economy, you see.

4 thoughts on “Will Obama Lower Your Taxes? Find Out Now!”

  1. Nice calculator. I can now easily be able to get a few electronics that I need. See, it already started boosting the economy. BTW, it was also showing that Mccain would tax me x dollars more!


  2. And why should one who earns $350,000 a year, pay more, Paul? Because he is eligible to be sucked more by the State?
    Don’t tell me Americans have taken to socialistic principles en masse. By the way Fannie and Freddie were nationalised, it can only be described as socialism of the rich.


  3. Wow, that’s real interesting

    In America, unlike India, almost everyone pays taxes on their incomes so tax cuts become a real major issue. Obama seems on the way to the WH.

    Reminds me about the republican campaign of bush and how he had told people that they would get a tax refund, and i think he was addressing the big business and oil lobby


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