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Which Candidate do You Trust to Pay Back Your $20 Loan?

Four years ago, someone told me they were voting for George Bush because he was the sort of guy they’d like to have a beer with.  I seem to recall hearing a lot of talk like that back then.

I don’t hear much talk like that today, but the question is still an interesting one, isn’t it?  I mean, asking a question of that sort is clearly a way to explore how we really feel about a person.  When we take care to be very honest in answering it, then it’s a way to bring out what our gut instincts are telling us about someone.

Naturally, “who we’d want to drink a beer with” was a poor question to ask.  Indeed, the last four years have show us just how wrong that question was — it takes far more to run a country than a mere talent for being an amiable drunk, no matter what Karl Rove thinks.

But are there still some hypothetical questions worth asking?  Questions that reveal something about how we subconsciously think of the candidates?

Now and then, I’ve borrowed small sums from friends.  Five, ten or twenty dollars.  Likewise, friends have now and then borrowed small sums from me. I bet many people loan out and borrow small sums that way.

Well, this morning the thought occurred to me, “The only candidate I would — in real life — completely trust to pay back a twenty dollar loan is Barack Obama.  The others might pay it back, but I think Obama can be counted on to pay it back.”

So, I guess that’s what my subconscious, or my intuition, or my gut, or my instinct — whatever you want to call it — that’s how it sees Obama these days.  Some part of me believes he’s trustworthy and respects people well enough not to screw them over.

I wonder if my gut is right?

I’m curious.  Who, if anyone of the candidates, would you completely trust to pay back a few bucks?

6 thoughts on “Which Candidate do You Trust to Pay Back Your $20 Loan?”

  1. I don’t know about McCain, but I think if you loaned a few bucks to Palin, you’d risk being repaid in moose meat. As a matter of principle, I never loan money to anyone who would tell her own husband she was going to Costco, then go line up at JC Penny’s to meet Ivana Trump (breathlessly telling a reporter that she stinks of fish and is desperate for a glimpse of glamour). That’s just plain shifty.


  2. somewhat off topic: I never loan money to anyone; I give it away and sometimes it comes back. I just find it too stressful on a relationship to allow any debt (of any kind) to come into the picture. I’m not a bank, so if someone isn’t a good enough friend that I’d gift him with the money, he’s not a good enough friend to want to get into an unofficial business relationship with either. I really try to make a conscious effort NOT to remember giving the money away, and this means that I’m often pleasantly surprised when someone wants to give me money back. Even better than finding a $20 bill that you’d “lost” in a coat pocket.


  3. Good philosophy, Erik.

    My take on the four candidates:

    Obama: would pay it back because it’s the right thing to do.

    McCain: would pay it back because his “honor” demands it, and he’d tell you all about it too.

    Biden: Might or might not pay it back in cash, but if not, would probably reciprocate in some analogous manner.

    Palin: would assume it was a gift.

    – M. \”/


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