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I didn’t get very far when I went to take a walk the other night.

Jessie, my upstairs neighbor’s dog, heard me coming.  By the time I got outside, she was waiting for me with a ball in her mouth.  So, instead of taking a walk, I spent 30 or 40 minutes playing Fetch with her. It took that long before she worked up a pant.

Jessie used to be a very different dog.  When my upstairs neighbor was still married, his wife would yell at her in harsh tones — it seemed constantly.   Back then, she was a very shy, very skittish dog.

The wife is long gone these days and Jessie is much more relaxed.  I imagine she is even cheerful.  So, I sometimes wonder — if harsh tones can make a dog that nervous — what can they do to a child?

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