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Three Exciting New Bloggers

Please allow me to point you to three fairly new bloggers (each only a few months old to the sphere). I’m willing to bet you’ll find each one of them engaging.  They write interesting, insightful, and honest blogs.  So, I’m pretty sure if you like Café Philos, you’ll like these three people at least as much:

The Apophatic Attic

Earthling Blues

Sacred Whore

When you have a moment, please drop by these blogs and welcome them to the blogosphere. Authentic voices like theirs should be encouraged.

3 thoughts on “Three Exciting New Bloggers”

  1. *blush* shucks, Paul, you shouldn’t have! I really like Sacred Whore. Thanks for the tip. (I’ve been reading Earthling Blues since I started my own blog at your goading).


  2. Thanks so much Paul for the support. I do enjoy the apophaticattic and Earthling Blues very much, too. Both bloggers are astute, funny, and authentic, and I love their wit!

    Kisses! XOXOXO


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