Search Terms for September 21, 2008

Looking for something to write about this morning, I went through a list of the search terms people recently used to find this blog.  I didn’t find anything I wanted to devote a whole blog post to, but I did find a handful of terms that provoked a thought or two.  Here they are, with my responses:

Search Term:  nude blogging

Paul: Isn’t the phrase “nude blogging” redundant?

Search Term: nymphomania

Paul: Seriously, does anyone use the word “nymphomania” today who isn’t either joking, over 75, or a pornographer?

Search Term: what teen girls look for in guys

Paul: My guess is teen girls are usually looking for a prince at their age.  But that’s only a hunch — I’ve not seen any studies on the subject.

Search Term: what women look for in men

Paul: Now, I’ve actually seen studies on this one, although I can’t recall offhand what their conclusions were.  But my guess is it too much depends on the individual woman to make many generalizations.  Still, if I had to generalize, I would say women are more likely to look for a soul mate, than a prince.

Search Term: teen sexual morality

Paul: Forget morality for a moment!  Many teens still need to work on their basic sexual manners.

Search Term: sarah palin hiding from media

Paul: “Better to be suspected of being a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Search Term: threadbare

Paul: I suspect threadbare is what all but the richest among us will be within 4 years if we elect John McCain, and thus get a Phil Gramm economy.

I think it would be fun to know how you would respond to those searches.  How would you answer them?

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