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Some Notes on the Fight for Florida

If Obama takes Florida, then it will be extremely difficult for McCain to win the election.   So what has Obama done to put up a fight for Florida?

Among other things, he has opened 50 field offices in the State and assigned 350 paid staffers to it.  I also hear he has allocated at least 38 million dollars to his campaign there.   Obviously, he means to put up a decent fight.

Are his efforts working?  Well, there’s some evidence that Obama enjoys more support than McCain in 9 of Florida’s 11 swing counties.  That is, the 11 counties that traditionally determine which way the State goes.  The evidence is indirect and inconclusive though.

However, in some very recent polling, it seems the State as a whole is moving Obama’s way.  According to some analysts, that’s largely because the economy has become an issue — Obama wins over McCain in polls when the issue is the economy.

But the race is still very close.  And I know very little about what McCain is up to in Florida.  So, I’m not making any predictions about who will win the State.

3 thoughts on “Some Notes on the Fight for Florida”

  1. Obama’s Florida strategy must be working coupled with the nation’s disdain for McCain’s initial debate bailout. Obama is less than two points under now making Florida an official battleground state at the moment according the the Yahoo Political Dashboard. 🙂


  2. @ Christine: I’ve decided to vote early too. Colorado is currently leaning Obama by about 5 points.

    @ Lady M: Even if Obama looses Florida, his campaign there forces McCain to spend more resources on the State than he might otherwise — and McCain is the one with the fewer resources this year.


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