Is this Ethical?

I’m thinking of sending this email to thousands of Americans:

Hi There!

My friend Jim owes me twenty dollars.  Unfortunately, it is well past time for him to pay it back and he doesn’t have it.  No matter.  Jim is a psychic and he’s told me you have the twenty dollars he would have if he was actually willing to work for a living.  So, please send me the twenty dollars because Jim owes me the money you are currently the custodian of.  Thank you!

I figure I’ll get at least $100 for every random thousand emails I send out.  So, my question is: Is it ethical to solicit easy money when I’m not actually running for any high elected office?

7 thoughts on “Is this Ethical?”

  1. Paul:
    Please delete this blog post before anyone else reads it. After all, in another few years, you could be running for Senator and later, President. You wouldn’t want to be disturbed by the pesky reporters from Fox News or WP, while you are (miss) using the privileges of office, about some $20 scam while you were merely a famous blogger.
    As far as the ethics are concerned, this is very sound, and right on the money!


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