8 thoughts on “Saturday’s Nude for September 27, 2008

  1. She has a lovely form and the pose is a nice twist on a classic.

    Regarding your question, if her face were highlighted more I think I’d feel a closer connection to her as a person. However, I like the darkness as it gives me the feeling I can stare without being discovered, the unspoken permission that it’s ok to look long and hard. So perhaps in that sense it brings me closer to her body but not her persona. She’s a mystery. But, that’s ok., mystery is good.


  2. Howdy Paul. I like the photo, but might have cropped it from the waist up. Personal preference.

    Photos that use low key lighting are great for adding mystery. As another commenter mentioned, the subject is a mystery. I’m not intimately connected to her, but am curious.


  3. @ Lady M: Great comment! Thanks!

    @ Stevo: I took a sheet of paper and played around with cropping the photo on my monitor. I can see what you’re saying about how that changes the effect. I kinda like both versions of the photo about equally though.


  4. Paul@Stevo: “I took a sheet of paper and played around with cropping the photo on my monitor.”

    I saved the image, then played around with it in IrfanView – changing the Gamma, the contrast, brightness, etc. – the most amusing result i got was an image “solarized” to the extent that it appeared to be something similar to a form of urban camo.

    – M. \”/


  5. Lovely picture. Its very intimate, and i think the darkness makes it more intimate. The picture gives a sense of mystery. A wanting to look closer and to investigate that which is hidden. The contrast between her hands behind her head and the almost folding open demeanour of her body and the darkness is stricking. When you see her, its like an opening up and hiding all in the same moment.


  6. I was using IrfanView (and not the latest version either – 2.9-something; I believe the latest is 4-point-something.). It can’t do nearly as much as Photoshop, but in this context, it does plenty. I may be mistaken, but i think even the latest version is freeware.

    – M. \”/


  7. I’ve got a free program on my computer called “Gimp”. It comes highly recommended but I haven’t had time to play around with it enough to know much about it yet. Some people have told me it’s as good as Photoshop, though.


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