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Dear Candidates: Tally Me as Seriously Pissed

Dear Candidates:

Tally me as seriously pissed the bail out plan voted down on Monday — and which will be voted on again come Thursday — failed to contain adequate provisions protecting the American people and the taxpayers, and failed to contain any meaningful relief for mortgage owners.

I was going to vote early.  Instead I’m holding off until I see what kind of bail out passes Congress.

Anyone interested in sending an email to Congress opposing the current bail out plan should go here.


Dennis Kucinich

Glenn Greenwald

Nouriel Roubini

Yves Smith

4 thoughts on “Dear Candidates: Tally Me as Seriously Pissed”

  1. Well,
    Though im no expert…
    There will be some kind of Bailout and that is out of question, till then all party s involved will do their fair share of grandstanding to show the citizens like u that they are acting responsibly and listening to the electorate.


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