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The Avant Garde Bloggies Awards

Poonam Sharma over at Visceral Observations is taking nominations until October 14th for the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards.  There are several categories of awards and the idea is to nominate your own post or someone else’s post for an award in one of the categories.  To me, this sounds like a great idea!  I plan on nominating two or three posts, and I hope you too will consider doing so.

5 thoughts on “The Avant Garde Bloggies Awards”

  1. Hi, Paul

    Thanks so much for writing about it! I am writing a mini-message for I have just few minutes Internet access right now!

    Hope to see some nominations from you and your friends! Thanks again for the support, I appreciate it. 🙂


  2. I will try, but first I have to do this one efficiently. Lots of nominations have piled up and I have not been able to update it as quickly as I wanted to. Monday, EOD, you should see all of it there.

    Paul, I just noticed that you have misspelt my blogs name. Its Visceral. 😛


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