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A Brief Note on Assumed Superiority and Self-Pity

It seems to me that a firm, unexamined belief in one’s moral superiority is fertile soil for self-pity.  If that’s so, then perhaps it’s because the absolute conviction we are right fits so well with the notion that any challenges to our conviction must surely be unreasonable and unfair.  It is then but a small step to pitying ourselves as unjustly put upon.

4 thoughts on “A Brief Note on Assumed Superiority and Self-Pity”

  1. Unexamined belief seems to lead to a perpetual victim complex and not necessarily self-pity, but self-pity may accompany it or this victim complex can be utilized by the leaders of the group to promote a “rebellion” against the “repressing” groups.


  2. It’s really not that deep, think of what ALL wars of aggression have been passed off as? Defense against some enemy, real or imaginary. In order to convince the people of that, they must feel it is a threat, and what better way to do that than to make them feel repressed by the imaginary or real group. Examples include the propaganda pushed by Nazi Germany, Islamic militants, and Christian militants. Even many political activists have this persecution complex. Any time you see someone vehemently and violently in favor of or opposed to anything, it’s usually because of this. Those without said persecution complex are far more capable of discussion and debate relating to the specific issues in question.


  3. I couldn’t agree more, Jared. For one thing, I cannot recall ever having convinced someone with a persecution complex of anything that would upset their apple cart.


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