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My Cleaning Lady and Her Nutty Clients

Last Christmas, my older brother decided that instead of getting me socks, as he has done for most of my life, he would hire a cleaning lady for me.  So now a cleaning lady descends on my tiny, beloved apartment every two weeks and acts pretty much in the manner of a reverse tornado.  Instead of disordering the place, as a tornado would surely do, she thoroughly cleans, polishes, and orders the place, leaving nothing but beauty in her tracks.

I feel she’s improved the quality of my life even more than socks would have, if that can be imagined.  She has, however, changed my behavior a bit.  In the first place, she’s raised my standards for what I consider a clean place.  I used to think a clean place included such obvious abominations as unstacked magazines piled on the floor, unwashed windows, and unfolded laundry strategically strewn on chairs and tables for ready access.  Now, I am becoming morally opposed to such things because I’ve seen firsthand how much more beautiful my environment is without them.

Nevertheless, I still don’t keep the place nearly as orderly as she leaves it, and that leads me to the second way in which she has changed my behavior.  On the days she comes, I scurry about picking up the place before she gets here.   I suspect that’s because I feel guilty she must clean up my mess — even though that is, after all, precisely her job.

For a while, I thought I was alone in doing that.  I figured no one else was crazy enough to clean their place right before the cleaning lady comes.  But then I raised the topic of my eccentric behavior with her.  And much to my wonder she replied that every single client of hers does the very same thing!  All of us clean right before she arrives.

I now feel like I live in a city of nutcases.  Although, as it turns out, that’s a comfortable feeling because, after all, I’m right there with the best of them.

8 thoughts on “My Cleaning Lady and Her Nutty Clients”

  1. You are certainly not alone. My Mom had us kids do the same thing back in the day. And the other people I talked to said the same thing.

    I think for some reason many people feel awkward about someone cleaning our places and feel that we may be judged as slobs. When in reality the cleaning lady prolly doesn’t care. Back then I had many conservative thoughts (maybe libertarian) and would say something like, “Isn’t that their job to clean? What the heck!”


  2. Interesting, Webs! I guess it’s not just limited to my cleaning lady’s clients, then. The rational side of me says (like you did), “Isn’t it her job to clean?”. But the rest of me feels guilt that she has to clean up a mess I’m responsible for making.


  3. I have tried hiring someone to clean my house a few times in the past, and I always give up on it in short order. I raced around picking up in advance. And then I started noticing that nobody cleaned the bathroom the way I wanted. Never mind that ~I~ wasn’t getting it done myself.

    I’d like to think that I’ve grown up enough to let someone else clean my stuff. But I haven’t.


  4. It is human tendency to present your good side when someone will be watching. In a lighter vein, perhaps you (subconsciously) are trying to create a good impression on her! I hope you do not have ulterior motives!!!


  5. @ Heather: Well said! I too would like to think I’ve grown up enough, but… 😀

    @ Sagarone: Welcome to the blog! 🙂 As it turns out, my cleaning lady is actually one of my best friends. It was she my brother hired. Unfortunately, not only is she taken, but she knows me far too well to become romantically deluded about me. I have no luck at all! 😀


  6. Kris, you need a brother who has gotten tired of giving you socks for gifts and decides instead to pay for a cleaning lady! I highly recommend you immediately go out and get such a brother! 😀


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