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Who’s Lying More About Obama? McCain or Palin?

I’ve lost track.  About a week ago, Palin was in the lead.  But McCain has been doing some pretty heavy catching up.  So, as it stands, which one of them is now lying more about Barack Obama?

5 thoughts on “Who’s Lying More About Obama? McCain or Palin?”

  1. They are both lying continuously now. It is not so much the volume of lies as it is the content. The McCain/Palin folks don’t seem to be communicating very well. They can’t seem to coordinate their attacks.
    What floors me is how their BS can be refuted and proven wrong, yet they continue to hammer these untruths home.
    I think McCain is lame and has made himself irrelevant now. Palin is blathering more mindless attacks than McCain at this point.
    The sad thing is that American’s are looking for serious, well thought out answers to some very troubling questions. Obama does address the questions, but the “other ones” seem to have no answers. So the implement the classic GOP art of misdirection and lead us down a twisted trail of lies in their attempt to divert attention from these problems.
    I just wish they would shut up and answer the questions.


  2. Absolutely Paul, and the funny thing is I think it has finally sunk in with McCain. I believe he has finally realized that his rabble rousing has encouraged some very dangerous sentiments in his followers. Now he is trying to regain control.
    It is a shame too. At one time I believed McCain to be an honorable man. At least I felt that way before 1992. That was when he did every thing he could to discourage the families of POW from looking deeper into Vietnam and forcing the government to account for our missing. He has not been a friend to veterans no matter how much he says he is. Everyone I know who has returned from visiting Vietnam and the American War Museum in Hanoi has been completely disgusted by the anti-American broadcasts he made while a prisoner. I think McCain has lived on the edge for decades and the hens have come home to roost. I will be glad to see John leave the national political scene and I hope we never hear from Sara again.


  3. DaFrog: “I will be glad to see John leave the national political scene…”

    I’d like to see him follow in the foosteps of Bob Dole, and go on to make occasional appearances on talk shows (he’s already established as a periodic guest on “The Daily Show” – I see no reason for that to change) and maybe find some pharmaceutical product to promote.

    – M. \”/


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