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David Plouffe Releases Facts on Obama Fundraising for September

Barack Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, has released to supporters some of the final numbers on the Obama Campaign’s fundraising effort for September.  Tomorrow, the numbers will be filed with the FEC.

In September, the Campaign added 632,000 new doners to it’s rolls.  That increased the total number of people who have donated money to the Campaign to 3.1 million souls.

There were early estimates the Campaign would raise a record-breaking 90 million dollars in September. Instead, it surpassed even that high estimate to raise 150 million dollars.   It achieved that with an average contribution of merely $86.

According to Plouffe, the two groups that have consistently donated more than anyone else are students and retirees.

It seems to me those two groups are quite interesting.  Retirees turn out in large numbers to vote.  And any student who has donated to the Campaign is probably more likely to actually vote than a student who has not donated to the Campaign.

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