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What Will Happen to the Republicans?

As you know, if Obama wins in eleven days, he will have a chance to realign the electorate over the next four years.  Whether he succeeds or not will depend on how well he governs.  So, this morning I’m wondering whether the Republican Party will become a more or less permanent minority party if Obama succeeds to any great extent in realigning the electorate?  And if it does, will the Republican core be authoritarian — comprised mainly of neocons and the Religious Right?

8 thoughts on “What Will Happen to the Republicans?”

  1. I’ll tell you what should happen. They should pay for being some of the lowest scum the planet has ever known. It will take a long long time for the scar that Abu Ghraib and other crimes against humanity commited by your government to heal unless you stop punishing the soldiers you scapegoated to cover your crimes. You scum. Not Americans who did not support them but the tiny tiny minority who got control of your country and ripped you all off whilst committing some of the most hypocritical crimes in history must be held accountable before healing can begin and the rest of us can live in peace, you fuckers.


  2. Hi Paul! I can understand where you’re coming from because I feel the same furious anger at times towards the people who have done so much to bring down what America meant to me. That’s why I support people like Biden, Conyers, and Waxman in their attempt to bring members of the current Administration to trial. I hope they will do so.


  3. I’ve been wondering about that. With the ever-more naked exposure of them as racist, bigots and war-mongering people who live on hate and fear, they are marginalizing themselves.

    But they are heavily resourced, are well-armed, still control or heavily influence banking, war-contractors, military (especially the Air Force), government (all of the Bush partisan appointees), and the Fortune 500. They control most of the commercial media.

    So I am expecting a civil war in all of those sectors as they try to hang on to that power, control, money and influence.

    It doesn’t bode well for the US, overall.


  4. Hi Annie! I suspect there will always be a core group of authoritarian minded followers who do not care — or are actually attracted to — the bigotry and war mongering. I just hope they turn into an unorganized minority. Today, they are an organized and predominant faction of the Republican Party — near as I can figure out.


  5. We can only hope that there is a falling out. But, I just can’t see it happening. The Republican party isn’t willing to lose voters by becoming something other than a propaganda machine that uses patriotism and pining for the status quo to claim any and all who are weak-willed enough to equate conservative politics with “real America”, and those who are spiteful and fearful enough to rebuke any attempts to advance in the realms of social justice. They get far too much power from appealing to the blowhards who fear progress that apparently make up 50% of our country. The only way that they will change is if the American people change. And that is going to take much more than one election, even with the change that the last eight years have brought about.


  6. “The only way that they will change is if the American people change.” – Asylum Seeker.

    I think that’s very insightful. I think one step towards that change is for Obama to realign the electorate so the Democrats — and not the Authoritarian Right — are in power. But that is only one step, and it might actually be the easiest. Changing a society is an immense task. The Authoritarians will always be with us, but if we can get their numbers down from an apparent 50%…. Well, AS, that’s going to take a lot of effort on everyone’s part.


  7. Yep. The first step is definitely the election. Then we’ve just got to hope that a Democratic majority in government can prove itself to be competent and beneficial to our society, our economy, and our foreign politics. Once it can be shown, through example, that our government won’t necessarily collapse if it refrains from warmongering, and from oppressing us, any person who has at least a small amount of sanity will jump ship, despite being stalwart apologists for autocracy before. But, obviously, a reliance on the actual performance of our government is a bit of a gamble. You might as well be praying for Jesus to personally come down and tell everyone that he wouldn’t vote conservative, for all the likelihood it has. But…hope…


  8. I think the only thing that will work is if — once the Democrats are in power — we put all the pressure we can manage on them to do the right thing. If we slack off, it will be politics as usual — even with Obama in the White House.


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