The Chattering Consciousness

Consciousness sure is a chatterbox.  It always seems to be chattering away, commenting on things — even commenting on itself.  It appraises, it judges, it edits, it censors — that seems to be it’s job.

5 thoughts on “The Chattering Consciousness”

  1. Yup, and that’s why you have drugs and meditation, I mean that’s what yoga is good for, shutting yourself up for a minute so you can hear what you’re saying.


  2. Actually I do meditate every day. My form of meditation uses visualisation – something to focus on. I also chant mantra (silently) when walking every morning. I try the ‘focussing on the breath’ meditation too sometimes. Through all of these the mind still likes to commentate! But I persevere regardless 🙂 I try to acknowledge, accept and let the thoughts go without following them along their interesting routes. I gather it is just practise, practise, practise…


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