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Naomi Wolf and the Closing of American Society

The notion you can give powers to politicians that they will not eventually abuse is fashionable these days.  Yet it was the belief of the Founders that any powers you gave to government would indeed be abused.  That is the primary reason the Founders were so careful to set up a system of checks and balances.  In one sense, Naomi Wolf’s argument basically boils down to pointing out how that system of checks and balances is not working these days, and how we are consequently at grave and immediate risk of rediscovering the truths known to the Founders of this country.

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6 thoughts on “Naomi Wolf and the Closing of American Society”

  1. I’m deeply concerned that our liberties are being abridged, however I’m suspicious that her primary message is one of fear (something she decries when the current administration does it). I reflexively get very skeptical when someone tries to make me afraid.


  2. One positive thing about the present kerfuffle is that it seems to have reminded a lot of people about the way every right carries a responsibility. People seem more willing to accept their responsibility to work to preserve freedom rather than just passively assuming it as a right.


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