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If He Wins, How Will Obama Govern?

I know the odds are good Obama will win, but I’m still cautious.  That’s in part because I was over-confident in 2004 when I felt certain Kerry would win.  And since then, I’ve seen other evidence I’m not all that good at predicting political outcomes.  So I’m being cautious this year.   Is anyone else feeling cautious?

Despite my caution, I’ve been wondering this morning what kind of president Obama will make — assuming he wins.  Will he be more of a centrist than a progressive?  Will he unite the country?  Will he be able to get his programs through Congress?  How rapidly and efficiently will he be able to clean up the messes left by Bush?  Will he restore our Constitutional protections?  Will he keep his major campaign promises?  How fast will he move to implement his ideas?  And, perhaps most important, what will be his policy on erotic dancers?

Any ideas?

1 thought on “If He Wins, How Will Obama Govern?”

  1. No guarantees when it comes to speed and efficiency. No guarantees on the economic front. We may or may not wind up doing better in Iraq, but we will have a better chance of ending it because we will have someone in office who doesn’t see it as a “war” as we commonly refer to it (and which it has not actually been for at least 3 years now). He will probably be somewhere in between centrist and progressive, will not unite the country (but at least he won’t try to divide it), will not completely right Constitutional breachs (but will make steps in the right direction), and may not have a hard time when it comes to Congress if a lot of other Dems enter office as well during the election. He will, however, protect abortion rights, and appoint Supreme Court Justices who aren’t ultrareligious wingnuts. He will also try to make it so that our patently absurd, lobsided wealth distribution is buffered out a bit through alteration of the income tax. It is sad that those are probably the only things that we can be reasonably certain of, but I still think it is a better list than what we could expect from McCain.


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