For interactive maps of the election, Scroll down about three quarters of the page.

The interactive maps of the election are about three quarters of the way down the page.

17 thoughts on “For interactive maps of the election, Scroll down about three quarters of the page.”

  1. Tension…killing me. Two states…already decided….and nothing else is happening. END THIS NOW!!

    Oh yeah, and thanks for hosting the graphics for this thing. I will be continually refreshing the things every minute for the next 3 hours until either the results of the election are clear, or I suffer a heart attack.

    Somebody…bring me some tranquilizers…


  2. No…I don’t think so. I am, however, looking at the results on the Yahoo! main page as well as yours (yours, at this point, are more accurate. Yahoo! really started sucking out after the first 30 minutes).


  3. 70 votes from the golden 270 and he has Ohio under his belt, in comparison to McCain, who only has 70 electoral votes and remains 200 away. If only Obama has swept all of the first few states, he would have won already. But, things are looking good…


  4. Siiiiiiiingin’ in the rain…yes, siiiiingin’ in the rain. What a glooorious feeling, I’m haaaaapy again!

    That is a definite relief. Yahoo! is projecting 324 electoral votes for some reason, but, nonetheless, it is pretty clear that he has won, without a doubt now. Maybe…just maybe…there will be sanity on the horizon…


  5. Paul,
    i had bet on a democrat winning elections a long time ago
    obama winning the elections has proven my point

    should be a big releif and celebration time for u!


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