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So How Are You Feeling Today?

How do you feel about yesterday’s election and our new president-elect, Barack Obama?  More than anything else, I’m feeling a whole lot of relief.  Relief for many reasons.  How about you?

14 thoughts on “So How Are You Feeling Today?”

  1. A little hung over. Relieved and glad it is finally over. January can’t come soon enough. We need to get this administration out as quickly as possible. Before they do anymore damage.


  2. So… I guess some people’s fears have been realized. (Though at this time it looks like the
    Dems _won’t_ quite get 60 in the Senate. Which is, I’ll agree, probably
    a good thing.) If you feel that way (which, I suspect, not many here do) or even if you don’t, I advise you
    to take an hour to watch “Assume The Position with Mr.Wuhl” and
    (especially) “Assume the Position 2.01,” in which Wuhl talks about bad
    presidents we’ve had in the past (Franklin Pierce, in particular), and
    reassures the students, “we’ll get through it.” As Wuhl reassured me
    about Bush (unless he does something *incredibly* stupid in the next
    couple of months), I advise you to apply that to Obama.
    Those who see Obama’s election as a good thing – and don’t see the
    Dems having <60 in the Senate as a good thing – I’ll explain. This means
    that whatever changes Obama’s going to get done need at least _some_
    Republican support – which, if nothing else, means that any screw-ups
    can’t be *entirely* blamed on the Dems.

    McCain’s concession speech was good. The “talking heads” on TV are
    suggesting that he’ll serve his current term in the Senate and then
    retire – I hope he doesn’t. I think we (all of us, not just Arizona)
    need him in the Senate. McCain called Ted Kennedy “the lion of the
    Senate” – I’d say Kennedy is *a* lion of the Senate – McCain is another.
    Seems like people (both the populace in general as well as the
    politicians) underestimate the effect one can have as a Senator. I think
    Kennedy realized a while back that he wasn’t meant to be President, and
    that he belongs in the Senate. I think – I hope – McCain comes to that
    realization too.
    I think it’s true of Hillary Clinton too. The presidency ages those
    who hold it rather intensely; if it ever was a job for an older person,
    it’s not now. This cycle was, IMAO, Hillary’s last shot at it; by 2012,
    she’ll probably be too old. By 2016, she certainly will be. But she’s not too old for the Senate. If Kennedy and McCain
    are “Lions,” she’s becoming a “Lioness.” She’s not quite there yet, but
    I believe she’ll get there – especially if she has the wisdom to realize
    that she belongs there, and not in the Oval Office.

    But, to answer your question more directly, I feel… good.

    – M. \”/


  3. I’m feeling relief, glee, awe, surprise, a nagging sense that I’m going to wake up …

    It’s not as though utopia has sprung into existence where the USA used to be, but more like what Jim Hightower used to say: “it feels so good once it stops hurting.”


  4. Absolute relief. A wonderful moment in our history. Hopefully the rest of the world will have a better view of us soon. I certainly don’t blame them for feeling negative toward the US. We deserve it.


  5. Well as a non American I have to say well done to you all 🙂

    Honestly, I thought it would be a good case for another Atlantis (America sunk into the depths of the ocean) if the US stayed Republican.

    As a matter of interest, what percentage of the population voted? Here in Oz voting is compulsory (I won’t go into what I think of that right now). At least, turning up at the polls and depositing the ballot in a box is compulsory – nobody can actually ensure you fill in the ballot or vote legally 🙂

    Again, congratulations, America.


  6. A cross between ecstatic and plain relieved. But above all, hopeful…very hopeful.

    His victory speech really struck a chord with me – no frills, very matter-of-fact and truly inspiring.

    It’s going to be a lot of work to undo all Bush-Cheney damage before we even begin to look forward to “a better America”, though.



  7. Zenuria: “I thought it would be a good case for another Atlantis (America sunk into the depths of the ocean) if the US stayed Republican.”

    If the US had stayed Republican, I’d be out there today, scouting out places where I could most effectively poke some holes in the hull.

    – M. \”/


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