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Winter’s a comin’

It’s a wintry day here with grey white skies, naked trees, and cold temperatures.  Some large part of me wants only to hibernate.  I’m beginning to suspect I’m a bear.  Maybe later today I’ll do some writing, but for now nothing much is coming to me.

6 thoughts on “Winter’s a comin’”

  1. I can just see you curled in a cave somewhere (for some reason my mind supplies a cave with a comfy armchair and large fireplace) with your paws crossed over your nose…

    See you in Spring…


  2. @ Meleah: You too? 🙂

    @ AS: That surprises me, AS. Do you burn easily?

    @ Webs: Dang! If only Nature had thought of the Children! The hussy!

    @ Lirone: I’ve been chuckling for days at your image of me with my paws over my nose!

    @ Meowlin: That’s excellent!


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