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You Never Really Know About Brains

This has been such a slow week for me when it comes to ideas of what to write about that I’m sure my brain has been taking a break.  I hope it’s recharging, and not just squandering it’s break like some foolish couch potato.  But you never really know about brains.

They tell you one thing and then do another.  “I’m thinking”, they say, “I’m mulling things over”; and yet they don’t show up for days — and when they finally do show up, they can’t tell you where they’ve been.  But sometimes — and only sometimes — when they finally show up, they are reeking of strange perfumes.  Then they won’t tell you where they’ve been — but you notice the grin on your thoughts for weeks.

I recall how once my brain took a break from being creative for a whole six months.  And when it finally returned, all it would say to me is it had been out striding across thunderstorms in seven league boots before it tripped on a lightening bolt and was kidnapped by pirates on Monument Creek.  They kept it prisoner awhile before it escaped them at last by hitchhiking an eagle. Naturally, I didn’t believe a word of it!

5 thoughts on “You Never Really Know About Brains”

  1. Well, you know, it’s probably just marshalling its forces for your coming foray as Captain o’ the HMS Elitist Bastard. 😉 I can’t wait!

    (Sorry I’ve been AWOL. Between election madness, work ramping up for the Xmas season, and NaNo, I’ve been the World’s Worst Friend. Not that this helps, but I think of you and miss you every day!)


  2. @AS: But I was too embarrassed to mention the longer times! 😀

    @Don: Thank you, Don! I have taken your comments to heart.

    @ Doc: Of course I have brains! You only think I don’t because mine never show up for roll call! 😀

    @ Dana: You’re back! I’ve missed you! 🙂


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