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I Need Your Gold!

Your golden words that is!  I’m hosting the Carnival of Elitist Bastards November 27th on this blog.  I need submissions!

Golden words written on the topic of why we should strive to do our best, and why we should respect our own and other’s achievements.  Alternatively, you can write about the gross injustice of rejecting excellence in ourselves an others.  But words!  Words are the coin of this carnival.  And we need a lot of them!

So please get to it.  Submit an old article of yours.  Or write a new one.  Then send it to me at sunstone.paul@gmail.com .  Even the gods themselves will appreciate your effort!  At least, I think so.

5 thoughts on “I Need Your Gold!”

  1. Excellent! What a brilliant idea. Count me in. This is becoming a critical issue in bloggoland and on the internet in general. If I get accused of being an arrogant elitist bastard once more because I think there is a difference between a good poem and a bad poem and that improvement isn’t possible without some concept of excellence, I’m just gonna abandon ship.


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