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A Flutist in the Twilight


Yes, I know it’s not Saturday, and I know this really isn’t an art nude, but despite that, I’m in love with this image: The symbolism of a woman, clothed in nature, enchanting a whole concrete and steel city with her song — how does it get any better than that?  It’s like she’s the free spirit in all of us, calling to us in the dawn or the dusk — the times when change is most imminent.  Not to mention, I would just love to hear a flute at twilight.  I’m kind of blown away by the possible symbolism here, and the almost dream-like quality of this excellent image.

The model’s name is Aleks.  I don’t know who the photographer is, but the image was sent to me this morning by Eolake Stobblehouse.  I’m calling it, “A Flutist in the Twilight”.

UPDATE:  The photograher is Vitaliy Gorbonos.

14 thoughts on “A Flutist in the Twilight”

  1. Thanks, Eolake! If you get a chance, please extend my appreciation to him and Aleks! They have created an extraordinarily beautiful work in its own right, and not just for the symbolism I find in it.


  2. Beat me to that credit by mere minutes, Eolake.

    “I know this really isn’t an art nude, ”

    Why not? Just because the image is a bit… what? whimsical? … doesn’t make it not-art.

    I recall another image Eolake posted on his site – Eolake has a disclaimer that all models he posts photos of are 18 or older – he posted one of this model holding a kitten. I reminded him that one of the models in that photo was almost certainly less than 18.


    Of course, the one that counts legally, is.

    – M. \”/


  3. “an extraordinarily beautiful work in its own right, and not just for the symbolism I find in it.”

    OK, that hadn’t occurred to me until you commented on it. Hey, it’s early here…

    – M. \”0


  4. Hey Meowlin! I agree the image is art — and very good art at that — it’s just that I think of art nudes as something different. I can’t define it in words, though. But if I could define an art nude in words, there would be no reason to post one every Saturday.


  5. “But if I could define an art nude in words, there would be no reason to post one every Saturday.”

    In that case… may you never find the words!

    – M. \”/


  6. It’s true that “art nudes” is a genre and has certain expectations. But that’s just artificial expectations. At least this is a nude, and clearly art since it’s more than a snapshot, and not advertising.


  7. @ Meowlin: Well, that now makes two of us who hope I never find the words. 😀

    @ Eolake: The phrase “art nudes” is indeed a rather clumsy phrase to name what I think of as that genre. Taken literally, the Flutist nude is an art nude — and a very good one. Perhaps we need a new word or phrase to describe the genre of art I publish examples of on Saturdays, because “art nude” seems much too broad a description for that genre.


  8. I thought this picture symbolises the act of Woman controlling the world (look at how far below the city lights are), the moment she starts looking good (divested of a shred of fiber) and getting good at blow-jobs. Something tells me the photographer dude must have had these exact thoughts while snapping away!


  9. Rambodoc,
    Dude, sometimes a flute is just a flute! 😀

    It’s a gorgeous image for every reason. That woman has some powerful beauty assets.
    (Okay, so sometimes an asset ISN’T just an asset…)

    I’d love to hear that flute. Must make for a truly magical moment


  10. @ Doc: I agree — the photographer can only have been thinking the precise thoughts we have! It would be so cheeky of him not to.

    @ Leguru: It’s a lovely picture indeed. My Oxford has two words that mean the same thing — flutist and flautist. I am going with flutist for sentimental reasons.

    @ Pascal and Prax: Thank you for your comments! It’s good to see you both again!


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