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Erotic Meditation

Unlike those of us afflicted with excessive sanity, I happen to think one of the best places for meditation is a good erotic dance club.  Inevitably, the music is too loud, the lights too flashy, the booze too expensive, and the girls too gorgeous.  Yet, surprisingly, all those “distractions”  seem to improve my ability to meditate.

Of course, there are different kinds of meditation.  The kind I practice amounts to little more than dispassionate observation.  I don’t attempt to direct my thoughts and feelings into any mold or channel, as is done in some kinds of meditation.  Instead, I just relax and watch what’s going on moment by moment with my thoughts and feelings.  There might be much better forms of meditation, but that one seems to best suit my temperament.

I wish I could claim I was foresighted enough to have sat down one day, pondered the matter of where to meditate as if it were a tough math puzzle, and then victoriously exclaimed, “I’ve got it! An erotic dance club!”.   That might have shown some genius.  But that’s not how it happened.

Instead, my friend Don and I went to a club one evening and, at some point, I simply discovered myself meditating.  And, as near as I can figure it out, I slipped into meditation because my thoughts and feelings were so pronounced and obvious to me in the club environment.

Everything about a club, from the loud music to the nude women, is designed to stimulate.  I find all that stimulation tends to exaggerate and pronounce my thoughts and feelings.   Consequently, it seems no more difficult for me to observe my mental processes in a club than for me to observe mountains while looking towards the Front Range of the Rockies.

Naturally, my tendency to meditate in erotic dance clubs has amused me ever since that first evening — to say nothing of the amusement it has caused Don.  Perhaps even more importantly, it seems to have taught me something about the nature of desire.

For instance, I’ve noticed how in some sense desire is like an optic or lens that brings some features of reality into focus while blurring others.  And it even seems capable of creating some features that do not exist — that are delusions — while completely obscuring other features of reality that indeed exist.  That seems to be important because we act (or don’t act) on the basis of what we take to be reality.  Perhaps it is therefore useful to us to learn what we can about the ways in which our perception of reality might become distorted.

Yet, precisely describing in words how desire works seems to me as difficult as precisely describing in words the various ways a tennis ball might bounce.  If you are curious about the workings of desire, it is by far easiest to dispassionately observe those workings yourself.  And with enough observation you will gain a pretty good sense for “which way the ball will bounce” in any given situation.

Of course, you can observe the workings of desire just about anywhere — anytime you are curious — for in some sense, all desires work the same.   Whether you are observing sexual desire while sitting in an erotic dance club, or observing a desire to obtain enlightenment while living in a monastery, you will notice the same patterns, the same tendencies.  For me, it has been somewhat easier to see those patterns and tendencies in an erotic dance club than in many other venues.  But perhaps that is only because — as Don likes to point out — I am “not afflicted with excessive sanity”.

5 thoughts on “Erotic Meditation”

  1. My one time being in an erotic dance club I also meditated, but in a different way and for a different reason.

    There was too much stimulation for this simple country boy! In order to maintain control and not have a panic attack from the loud music, people, and lights, I had to focus my control and energy through meditation.

    But it’s a really neat observation you make there, Paul. How do you suppose the meditation affects those who are around you in the club?


  2. I went into erotic dance clubs..One was called “la Bear” and it was all naked men girlfriends LOVED it..Some guys were “cowboys” some guys were “firemen”..Some guys just suds it up and took a bath right on stage..They were all “muscular” and young..

    I was just trying to fit in..and get away..Plus I LOVED to buy Don Perignon by the bottle at 125 a piece..And my “boss” (the lady I worked for )” was having a torid affair with “Randy the Master Blaster”..

    I was throwing up in her trunk all over her horse brushes(she had thoroubreds)..Cuz I drank to much champaigne..

    Now “24 k” was kinda cute..I’ll admit..I gave him lots of $ and kissed him a lot..

    But I ended up just screwing one of the waiters…I cant even remember his name..I was “meditating” Sorry…





  3. As we know, Aussies visiting your dance clubs can live to regret it; never the less I thought you might appreciate this:
    November 30
    I am not a prude or a wowser by any gauge but I have got to tell you I find it repulsive the way the children of our “civilization” have been bombarded with uncensored images of war. The warnographers of this world have been given carte blanche to pervert the minds of our most vulnerable, while they diverted our attention away from the foulest of human behaviour and focused it on a campaign against the lesser of two evils pornography. The “god-fearing” leaders of the Judaeo-Christian and Muslim nations have consistently ignored the effect, of their insane lust for war, on the innocent and chosen instead to demonise anything vaguely associated with sexuality outside of the accepted norms. On a scale of one to ten how do you rate the amount collateral damage caused by war verses porn?

    If we rate the billions of people who have had their guts ripped out by war as a ten, then I would suggest by comparison the victims of porn would be less than one percent. Why are we not as outraged at finding our youth splattering heads on the internet as we would be if they were digitally engaged in on line sex. Responsible adults would understand the irony of this and no matter what your particular brand of belief is, collectively pray that the incoming new world order gets it’s priorities in place and doesn’t continue on with the insanities of the outgoing warnography criminals. WWW


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