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I’ve been Experiencing some Low Energy Days

Lately, it seems I lack energy.  It most likely has something to do with my not sleeping very well these days.  So I’ve not been doing much more than putting up blog posts — which I tend to prioritize — and I have put off such things as responding to comments.  However, I’d like to assure you that I do read every comment posted on this blog and that I welcome them.  If things go as I hope, then I’ll be trying to catch up with your comments soon.

6 thoughts on “I’ve been Experiencing some Low Energy Days”

  1. Wanted to tell you that same think happened to Nikhil of mirrorcracked. someone could access his dashboard. What did wordpress say when you complained? Nikhil has written a post on it here.


  2. Nita: Thanks for the link! In a way, I’m glad it’s not just us. The rep at WordPress says she will investigate and she has promised to get back to me with an explanation.


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